Saturday, May 29, 2010

Color Me

i'm having some parts of the house painteD. for the life of me, i dislike doing house fixes. dislike is the operative word. i can. coz i'm macho like that.

but that is only if i want to. and i don't.

so anyway, i hired manong Joe from across the neighborhooD. i didn't know he'll bring Joe Junior. and boy was i surprised. i normally walk around the house in boxers and without a shirt on. again, macho right? but when i saw Joe Junior, i swear, i'm never walking half commando while he's around. damn bod he got. like he lives in a gym and just sidelines as his dad's go-fer boy (go fer this, go fer that). borderline lean and buff, which to me is just perfect.

and his facE. imagine Coco Martin skim it down 2 notches, bake him in the sun for 5 days. turn him over, and let sit for another 2. oh and give him a musky scent. dark and a little bit overwhelming to the olfactory nerves, but so damned sexy.

'anu pano niyo pu gusto tirahin to ser? (tara, sa kwarto. sabihin ko sayo pano..)

'gusto niyo pu ba pati yung sa likuran? (saang likuran? hindi ako bottom.)

'ser, wala naman po yung mga babae dito sa bahay no? alis lang kami ng t-shirt. ang inet e.' (your dad can keep it on. but for you, by all means! take it off! take it all off!)

the whole afternoon went on like this: him saying something, and me, answering him something lewd in my heaD.

on several instances, i could swear he was staring at mE. you know, that look.

-ers aren't really my thing. and i don't go for them straight ones. i have friends who go gaga for these types. i respect that. it's just not my thing. sabi nga sa Here Comes The Bride, that's so 70's. haha.

so my stance on -ers stand. but i dig all 9 inches of Coco. i'm dying to know if Joe Jr. measures up to the real deal. like a box of dark chocolate. you never know what you get! decisions, decisions. LOL. saying goes: you can't diss something until you've tried it.

let's just see how good he is at 'coloring'...ha!

see you next entrY.


fyi, this is my 49th post. i will be celebrating on the next one.

*edit: 49th entry doesn't mean all of 'em posted. dumb blonde me. sorry. 6 more to go.

ciao for now,

Thursday, May 27, 2010


the cab i rode today had spiders. 10 fucking huge spiders.......

made of plastic.

haha, funny manong. so funny i wanna slam your head on the dashboard.

the initial shock sent me on a crazed fit. i almost flung my crazy expensive phone at 'em (they were stuck to the back window). for a moment there, i swear, i thought they were real. 

i have an abnormally low level of tolerance for anything with 6 legs. specifically, ANY of the bajillion insects crawling on the face of this earth. 

man, i can deal with rats. read: grotesquely huge, disease-from-the-sewer-laden rodents. i can touch them, pound them to a bloody pulp, complete with splatters on the wall, without being revolted. i somehow find this macabrely fascinating. as a finisher, i can even fling them at you! 

you know, coz i'm macho like that. 

but don't you ever, EVER, start me with the cockroaches. even the itty bitty tiny ones (they're the grossest).


in other news, look outside your window. see them dark clouds? they're finally here! my second least favorite season of the year! (2nd daw o, ilan lang ba naman meron sa tropics?).

that is because in advent's (my) calendar, there are three seasons in the Philippines: 

Feb - May: the dry - best depicted by gyrating, enticing, sexy male bodies on the beach that i wish i have (in due time). 

Jun - August: the rainy - best depicted by the grumbling, shivering, disgruntled advent who can not go out and party because he's wet. 

and Sept - Jan: the christmas season: best depicted by a grinning, splurging, and stupidly happy advent.

guess which one is my fave? hehe.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mad Strings 4: Try Sleeping With A Broken Man

i pray you won't hate me for that last time we shared the night together. i just couldn't bring myself to do it. not with you. not anymore. i have a faint glimmer of that feeling, but as the days go by it gets dimmer. i now see you in a different light. to touch you, to feel you, these are the things i can no longer do.

i know you blame me. you think i'm telling you lies. well i'm not. at least, not this time. i tried sleeping in your bed, but it did not contain the me you've come to know. he's not here anymore. i've told you time and time again. 

i'm not being egotistical. you broke me first. you have to go on without me. this is not retribution. it's just but the rational progression of things. i have other plans now. i have the world to see, to breathe, to touch.

i used to be a broken man. i'm at a different place now. i guess this is the best time for you to go find your pieces too. 

alternative title: an open letter to my ex.

James, Oh James...

i am your biggest fan. i believe you are sorely under rated and unappreciated. nevertheless, i prefer it that way. i want to keep you as is. i'd rather have you relatively undiscovered. that way i get to keep you for myself. so go ahead and sing for me with that velvet voice that could sever my soul from my body. i wish you would come here to the Philippines. that way, i can sneak past security and snip a lock of your gorgeous hair and preserve it in my shrine of James Morrison awesomeness.


can you give me a vial of your blood? or your saliva? i want to have your baby...oh wait.

obsessed!? restraining order?! what?!!

James Morrison - Please Don't Stop The Rain Live

Friday, May 21, 2010

Brush with the Law


the cab i was riding home was apprehended by a policeman because of a stupid move that i actually asked him to dO. i didn't know that it's illegal to make a u-turn in front of St. Luke's. the policeman was pointing at a sign so small, and so covered by leaves from an overhanging tree that it would be near impossible to see it unless you have x-ray vision that can see through stupid leaves. are they doing this intentionally so they can net more unwitting victims?

anyway what surprised me was how calm the driver's demeanor was after the factT. he was actually pissed off at the policeman and not at me! ha! i felt sooo guilty. i caused it for cryin out loud! we could have gone straight along 32nd Avenue and made a right at 34th, but i told him to make a uwie because it would be faster. here i was expecting him to harangue me into paying for his 500+ peso ticket.

he was actually laughing jovially that the policeman didn't accept his bribe and didn't fall for his "i'm kumpare with so and sO". all he got from the officer was 'just give me your license' and 'no, i don't know him'.


when i drive, my biggest fear is not to careen off and hit someone (not that i don't care about a life, but because i know i'm careful enougH). my biggest fear is to get apprehended by the law. thank god it has never happened in my relatively young life as a motorist. the closest i got was a smirk from a disgruntled MMDA because i crossed the yellow lane but i quickly switched lanes again (cause i saw him. haha).

the law evokes a certain dread in mE. i remember this one time when my ex and i was almost brought in (in tagalog: bagansya) by men in brown. it was his fault. he wanted to part somewhere dark and secluded. so we went to UP. we found a perfect spot near the Engineering building. no, not to do the nasty (hello? we got a place to do that in), but to have those intimate prayer studies. yup. true story! he was a practicing neo-buddhist and he wanted to tell me about his beliefs.

2 hours into a subliminally captivating conversation, bright lights were shone on his caR. then the blaring sounds of the siren. three rotund men-in-brown gawking at us like we were fresh kill. they asked us to step out of the car and interrogated us like we killed Ninoy. they even asked if we can go with them to the precinct to explain. it was such a horrific experience. good thing my ex had a very prominent last name. and he's a parseltongue. he knows how to speak to snakes. that's what those mo-fos were! they were only harassing us to get some dough. but we didn't give in. all it took was a very convincing call to a tito of his in the government. he even had them talk to him over the phone. their tones changed after the call. they decided to leave us alone.

after they slithered away, my ex goes 'ang galing ni Bryan no?' in between a snickeR. 'tito from the government' turned out to be our faggot friend who can do such a mean impression of a politician. i tell you, down to the dot.

we laughed our heads off and i promised to treat B to whatever he likes. we were joking about it but still, at the back of my mind i was so scared. probably even scarred for life. there was a point when they were already asking for our IDs. he gave his, but for the life of me, my fingers literally froze and i can't get to my wallet. i can not begin to imagine the embarrassment this would have caused my family and his family had we not had Bruha, i mean Bryan.


ever since then, i've been an advocate of the NO BRIBE, NO SCUM belief. i swear: if i fucked up, it's my fault, i'll own up to it. we are already so far up the list of the most corrupt countries in the world, let's not aspire for the topmost position. you may be just one in millions of motorists plying the road everyday and running into the law. but imagine if we can end the perpetuation of this very embarrassing pinoy trait by actually not being the root cause. i want to be the change.


that public service announcement was brought to you by the letter N. N for nagmamalinis.


think about it, though. there are other ways to get out of a tough situation as long as you're in the right, right?


the drive home was pleasant. manong driver was still so pitiful though. i decided, on top of my bill, to just shoulder half of the expense he'll be cashing out at city hall. it's the very LEAST i can do.

he even said thank you in the most sincere tone i've ever heard from a manong driver.

that was my cookie for the day. i can now sleep with a smile.


and to share the smile:

now lemme hear the collective cussing of: "muthafucker mga jejemons na yan! ini-invade nila tayo! i swear, i wanna make them sagasa with my (insert sasakyan here)!"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jackman and Rain Head

the following write up is a result of putting too much caffeine in my body. no, not coffee. but iced tea. did you know it contains caffeine? no? try guzzling 3 liters worth. then get back to me.


i met someone neW. a professor. let's just call him professor jackman. moreno, buff in all the right places and tall enough for me, level headed and at the point in his life where he is already really stable. no, he's not a geriatric. he's actually just a year my senior.

i met him while i was on my way to the officE. surprisingly, he works in the building just beside ours. we bumped into each other as i was on my way to our lobby. he was walking hurriedly from the car park just adjacent our building. like those cheesy rom-com, boy meets boy. boy smiles, other boy smiles back. smiles that meant business. boy gets boy's number. boy meets up after work for a date. can you spell serendipity?

as i got to know him, i saw some facets that i find really attractivE. sure, he may not be brad pitt or orlando bloom, but i like my men a little off-center. you know, adorable, but not centerfold gorgeous. i don't go chasing after pretty boys. most that i've met thought that the sun and all the planets orbit around their little heads. the kind of boys i like are those who have really good angles and some not so good ones. that just spells character for me. i find that really seductive. beauty is overrated - it gets stale after a while.

it was a whirlwind acquaintancE. we had a good thing going. he'd drop by my office. we'd eat out. he'd drive me home. we'd talk over the phone for hours on end. you know, the whole shebang.

2 weeks ago he just disappeared into thin aiR. no hoo-has. no nothing. i'm not the type who goes into a stupor after the end of ephemeral affairs. i just think, oh well. fuck that. next, please! too little time to waste on petty sadness.

i got a text just last night from professor jackman. it was uncharacteristic of him to text me while i'm at work so i got really curious. he said he was parked in front of my building and that he needs to talk to me. i wanted to say i'm busy (which i really was) but i said, what the heck. at least i can sucker punch him in person if needed be, right? he said he wanted to explain. oh boy. here we go again.

so anyway, he saw me as i was approaching his caR. get in, he said. and i did. he smelled really good. and can't help but notice his biceps. i'm a bicep person. gets me salivating. anyway, i wanted to keep a poker face and was really curious as to what he was about to say.

'i wanted to set things straight. i want you.' (ok, what's the but..)

'it's just that i have a boyfriend of 3 years. and he's coming home in a week's time. i didn't know what to do because i've fallen for you.' (wow! i haven't heard that one yet! wow! you get a cookie for best original screenplay!)

'i'm not happy with him anymore.' (yeah, looks like it)

'i want us to be together. so if you can wait for me, i will end it with him.' (wow, do i get a cookie now?)

first off, i'm done playing the home wrecker's part. it was fun the first few times, but at this point in my life, i've learned that karma is nobody's bitch.


i wanted to end this entry with a holier-than-thou, self-righteous piece. but i won't. because i'm not. and because i'm but human.

we ended up fogging up the windows of his car.


it was fucking awesome.


and man, jackman is hung! you know the type you only see in porn? good thing he's a bottom. otherwise, we'd get nowhere.


speaking of nowhere, i know that's where this thing is headed. i just know it. but might as well have fun while we're getting lost.


in other news, i just had my first head ache of the year. let me just say this, i only get headaches when it's about to rain. my head's like a freaky barometer. seriously. i am very sensitive to shifts in atmospheric pressure. when it's about to rain, the humidity rises and the pressure fluctuates - or something to that effect. i don't know what i just said, but it's a true story.

it's gonna rain tomorrow. quote me on that.

Where The Wind Is Nippy

so what to do on the last day of the work week and everybody brought cars? get the hell out of the broiling city! that's what.

click for higher res

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movie Marathon 3

haven't done this for a while, i have a backlog of movies i've seen over the past few monthS. i just love watching movies from overseas. the crap we get here in the guise of  "indie films" are already getting on my nerves. when can local directors/producers move past the poverty porn type of "film making"? oh well. in the meantime, there's torrent. ha!

Beautiful Thing (1996)

Author: (colin-308)
Heart-wrenching performances, a witty and sensitive (but never sappy) script, and characters so real they could walk off the screen: these aren't usually things to be found in gay-themed movies, but Beautiful Thing has all of them and more. Where Brokeback Mountain left me devastated and believing happiness couldn't ever last (I will never watch it again), and Latter Days is a prime example of style over substance, Beautiful Thing makes me feel like love is out there and it's really worth fighting for. It has stayed with me vividly and powerfully since I first saw it, and I continue to watch parts of it often.

I don't know if Glen Berry or Scott Neal could have realized what an impact this film would have on some viewers, but I wish I could thank them for bringing such humanity, realism, and likability to the roles of Jamie and Ste. Linda Henry, too, in the brilliant role of Sandra, gives a performance worthy of an Oscar, and Sandra's boyfriend Tony (played perfectly by Ben Daniels) is hilarious and surprisingly endearing. The script is not self-conscious or saccharine; it is uplifting without being preachy, and tender without being grating. If you're gay or just a human being with empathy and understanding (and a good sense of humor -- the script is terribly clever and the film really benefits from multiple viewings), Beautiful Thing is an experience you should not miss. It's a film I will cherish forever, enhanced by the music of Mama Cass Elliot (who was truly gifted and whose death was a great loss).

Favorite scenes (though almost every scene is really a favorite): the "Make Your Own Kind of Music" chase in the woods (I may love this scene more than anything else ever), the bedroom scenes with Jamie and Ste, and the final sequence, (featuring Mama Cass's beautiful "Dream a Little Dream of Me") which I will not spoil -- I envy the first-time viewer, who is in for a huge treat. I like to think that Jamie and Ste live on forever in the final shot, the future uncertain but the present a greater joy than they had ever known, their love a small but bright glimmer of hope in an otherwise gray world.

personally, i give it a 7.6 out of 10. just took it down by .2 of point because of the hideous 90's fashion. haha. but overall, i recommend it for the hollywood ending. finally, nobody dies in the end! take that, asian gay movies!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New To Me

i have been quite busy at work. i'm still on the honeymoon phase. i am still reeling over from the announcement. i am still smirking at the fancy new title added to my insignia. i am still perking up my new office.


i miss blogging.


i've been lurking all this time. it's so fascinating how many guys out there share the same experience and tell it in different manners. i love reading through these stories. it reminds me that the world doesn't revolve around my little world. remember the little prince? when he traverses through these planetoids meeting all sorts of characters. it's just like that. only more colorful.

and definitely weirder. in a good way, of course. ;)


i had a dream. i saw a pregnant woman. a complete stranger. and then...i punched her in the gut. i sometimes scare myself. what does this mean?


did you see Venus jump over la Luna? fascinating, wasn't it?


singlehood is like a foreign country and i'm a first time tourist. the rules sure have changed since the last time i stepped out into the world. nowadays, there are so many guys with so many hangups. not that i don't have my own.

i just want hangups that go with mine. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On Winning

an open letter to Noynoy:

first and foremost: congratulations. i don't have much to say to you, but i wish you live up to the mandate entrusted to you by the majority. may they not regret their decision. now is the time to live past the rhetorics and put them into actualization. i pray for you and your family (well, except for Kris). please be the change this land has so long been yearning for.



on other winning news:

i. just. got. promoted.


overflowing booze is on the way.


god bless us all.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Overheard 2: Tanning, Jejemons and Other Matters

missed the chance to go on an out of town this summer so you didn't get that sun-kissed tan? the remedy is simple: go out and vote today!

1. make sure you pick a time between 11am and 4pm when people would come out in droves. this is important. the more people there are, the shittier your chances of making it out in a short time. it would also work if there is a candidate who would be voting. more media, longer suffering!
2. lather on an SPF 30 sunblock of your choice. 
3. shade? fuck the shade! stand under the heat of the sun. better yet, bring a beach towel and lay it out on the grounds of the precinct. 
4. commence sun bathing. 


to be fair, there were lots of eye candy. too bad there were also a shit ton of jejemons. oh well.


eye candy 1: pare pano ba i-spell ang presinto sa english? 
eye candy 2: may S ata
eye candy 1: tanga, singular lang. 

did you know that precinct is one of the commonly misspelled words during election texting time? honestly, i was so spaced out, i almost forgot how to spell it until i was roused from the heat and the stupor. haha. so don't be a jejemon. consult your dictionary!


in other news: give automation a chance. these are all birth pains. 

A Simple Prayer

oh g-d in heaven,
please grant this country a change. it's about time. please end the tyranny.
whoever wins in the election, grant him the wisdom to act accordingly.
g-d give the mandate to the one who deserves it.
we need a change. we need to live.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mad Strings 3 : 3 months after break up

i despise myself during this void between relationships. 

i am at full control of my faculties, yet the reverie is just too tempting. i get into the harmony, i play the tune. i thrust into the chords and i fiddle with stings. i go into a high. just when the orchestra sounds so good, the moment the crescendo comes around, i stop. abrupt. no explanation. silence. i move on to the next piece.

there's a certain musicality when people start a relationship. if you listen close enough, you can hear it. i've often been told i have a good ear. so why does lady luck tease me and i always end up finding a discordant tune to go with mine?

vulnerability has never been my thing. well, at least after i turned a quarter of a century old. lessons. at the end of the day you are just accountable for your own heart. what people do with theirs is their own sordid business. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In This Song

hello, my name is Advent, and i'm a sing-a-holic.


i think i may have an addiction to videoke barS. there! i admitted it! can we sing now?!
(starts fidgeting.)


i'm a Videoke bar connioseur. i know every single one in the metro. ask me.


sometimes, when i'm bored, i see lyrics underneath people when they talk to mE.


sometimes, i score minor daily achievements on a 1-100 scalE. seeing a cute guy walk by: 80!; cute guy giving me a look back: 85!; he, getting my number: 95!; being asked to go out: you are a fantastic singer!


do you know that entering 3-4-1-0, you get Total Eclipse of the Heart every single time, no matter which KTV you go tO?


oh g-d, i think i'm about to break into a sonG.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Overheard 1

gay guy at the counter to his bf:

"kahit ano na lang order mo sakin, di naman ako CHOICY."

i wasn't able to stifle my snickering. gay guy gave me the evil eye.

Monday, May 3, 2010

On The Market 2

as a follow up to this post, it seems it's too early for me to be in the markeT. they fired their guns but it seems all i got were blanks.

basket case just upped the antE. he sees me in the office regularly now. but he still lives up to his name. i've had met guys like him. guys with an unhealthy dose of self adulation. he calls me up a lot. and it always end up in phone sex. and god knows how ridiculous i feel after pretend sex.

i just can't help it though. he's attractive. i think i buy his arrogant confidence and find

clinical instructor was supposed to be one of those really good catcheS. we had this connection, this undeniable attraction. we were both stable. we had a promising thing going.

that was until he got drunk one nighT. really drunk.

his repressed side came ouT. he started mumbling how having everything isn't enough because no is there to take care of him. he started blabbing about how the nights are so cold. he started tearing up which then continued to loud, uncontrollable bawling. had i mentioned: in front of people? like a raving lunatic.

he screamed that he loves mE. and that he wants to be with me. that he wants me to take care of him.

i've never experienced this beforE. it's like one of those scenes in romantic comedies. except that i'm not finding the funny part. people were looking at us like i'm the world's biggest jerk and what i must have done to this poor soul.

oK... so that didn't end well. i must have read him wrong.

atom is a bit too young for my tastE. i was thinking of a term to call guys who are into younger guys and surprise, surprise, there isn't one yet. so let me coin this term: panthers. get it? you just want to get into them younger ones' pants? LOL. i'm just not ready for that yet. i've tried it before as an experiment. it didn't work then, it's not going to work now.

i'm setting my threshold, 3 years my junior would be iT. anything beyond that is a cradle. atom is 6 and a half years my junior. sigh.

...trouble is, he's starting to call me 'baby'.


so there. 3 prospects down to 2...or maybe 1. or zero. damn.


i went out again. the air hits my face and i feel a fresh chill.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beach Mode cont.

it's raining agaiN. after a lengthy hiatus, im back to writing.


morong was a breath of fresh aiR. i wasn't expecting anything when we set out. but when we got there i got surprised. i always thought that beaches in Luzon are just rocky, dark brown and altogether ho hum affairs. well morong is a bit ho hum (haha) but it has light brown, near white, and very fine sands. the type you could sink your feet into.

getting there was an adventure in itselF. i got to ride with our deliciously hunky but unquestionably straight Division Manager, Tor. good thing i didn't volunteer to drive. his Ford pick up was a monster. and the length of time it took us to get there was hell.

to get to morong, you have 2 optionS. via SBMA or the ridiculously crazy long and winding road passing by Bagac, Bataan. we made a wrong turn somewhere so lo and behold we took the latter. did i say winding? i meant obnoxious turns that would put baguio to shame.  thank god for GPS (which all Ford pickups come with by default) we were able to make it through.

it took us 4 hours to get therE. but the trip was worth it. they had all you'd expect for facilities. nothing really fancy, but they are all there.

we arrived around 8pM. just a perfect humid night without a cloud in sight. a great time to get down and crazy/tipsy.

and that we did and more...

we stayed up all the way, til people dropped like flies around 6aM. haha.

good timeS.

i really recommend the place (Coral View).

and to be a bit on the conservative side, i just made a collage of a very small fraction of the hundreds of pictures that we tooK. some of them are really revealing so to protect my kids, i'd just keep them in my hard drive. hehe.