Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New To Me

i have been quite busy at work. i'm still on the honeymoon phase. i am still reeling over from the announcement. i am still smirking at the fancy new title added to my insignia. i am still perking up my new office.


i miss blogging.


i've been lurking all this time. it's so fascinating how many guys out there share the same experience and tell it in different manners. i love reading through these stories. it reminds me that the world doesn't revolve around my little world. remember the little prince? when he traverses through these planetoids meeting all sorts of characters. it's just like that. only more colorful.

and definitely weirder. in a good way, of course. ;)


i had a dream. i saw a pregnant woman. a complete stranger. and then...i punched her in the gut. i sometimes scare myself. what does this mean?


did you see Venus jump over la Luna? fascinating, wasn't it?


singlehood is like a foreign country and i'm a first time tourist. the rules sure have changed since the last time i stepped out into the world. nowadays, there are so many guys with so many hangups. not that i don't have my own.

i just want hangups that go with mine. :)


Nimmy said...

welcome back! missed your blogs kuya.
congrats again on your promotion.

hindi ko ba nasabi sau? gift ko ung venus over the moon drama moment. buti naman nagustuhan mo. :)

Felipe said...

congratulations. saan ang party? :)

JR said...

Na promote ka? pwede mo na ako pakasalan? hahaha...congrats Idol!

daniel said...

Haha! Ako ang pakakasalan niya haha..Joke : ) Congratulations ulit!

Advent said...

glad to be back, nimmy anak. hehe. anak daw. wala akong panlaban sa kuya e.

and thanks for the gift. i really liked it. hehe

salamat! ang party ay parating pa lang. next pay day ko pa mararamdaman e. hehe.

so if i marry you do i become american too? tara! hehe.

hahaha. oo naman, ikaw! hehe. salamat! muah~

ikotoki said...

inom inom. ganda ng buwan nung gabing yun!