Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movie Marathon 3

haven't done this for a while, i have a backlog of movies i've seen over the past few monthS. i just love watching movies from overseas. the crap we get here in the guise of  "indie films" are already getting on my nerves. when can local directors/producers move past the poverty porn type of "film making"? oh well. in the meantime, there's torrent. ha!

Beautiful Thing (1996)

Author: (colin-308)
Heart-wrenching performances, a witty and sensitive (but never sappy) script, and characters so real they could walk off the screen: these aren't usually things to be found in gay-themed movies, but Beautiful Thing has all of them and more. Where Brokeback Mountain left me devastated and believing happiness couldn't ever last (I will never watch it again), and Latter Days is a prime example of style over substance, Beautiful Thing makes me feel like love is out there and it's really worth fighting for. It has stayed with me vividly and powerfully since I first saw it, and I continue to watch parts of it often.

I don't know if Glen Berry or Scott Neal could have realized what an impact this film would have on some viewers, but I wish I could thank them for bringing such humanity, realism, and likability to the roles of Jamie and Ste. Linda Henry, too, in the brilliant role of Sandra, gives a performance worthy of an Oscar, and Sandra's boyfriend Tony (played perfectly by Ben Daniels) is hilarious and surprisingly endearing. The script is not self-conscious or saccharine; it is uplifting without being preachy, and tender without being grating. If you're gay or just a human being with empathy and understanding (and a good sense of humor -- the script is terribly clever and the film really benefits from multiple viewings), Beautiful Thing is an experience you should not miss. It's a film I will cherish forever, enhanced by the music of Mama Cass Elliot (who was truly gifted and whose death was a great loss).

Favorite scenes (though almost every scene is really a favorite): the "Make Your Own Kind of Music" chase in the woods (I may love this scene more than anything else ever), the bedroom scenes with Jamie and Ste, and the final sequence, (featuring Mama Cass's beautiful "Dream a Little Dream of Me") which I will not spoil -- I envy the first-time viewer, who is in for a huge treat. I like to think that Jamie and Ste live on forever in the final shot, the future uncertain but the present a greater joy than they had ever known, their love a small but bright glimmer of hope in an otherwise gray world.

personally, i give it a 7.6 out of 10. just took it down by .2 of point because of the hideous 90's fashion. haha. but overall, i recommend it for the hollywood ending. finally, nobody dies in the end! take that, asian gay movies!


Nimmy said...

one of my fave movies of all time. the dance scene at the part really made me cry. sayang nawawala na copy ko.

lee said...

loved this movie :)

and you nailed all the wonderful scenes in the movie. :)

Advent said...

yep. very hollywood-ish no?

nawawala? one answer to that: torrent! haha

i have to give credit to the author of the piece. he really nailed it. :) i loved those scenes too.