Monday, May 10, 2010

Overheard 2: Tanning, Jejemons and Other Matters

missed the chance to go on an out of town this summer so you didn't get that sun-kissed tan? the remedy is simple: go out and vote today!

1. make sure you pick a time between 11am and 4pm when people would come out in droves. this is important. the more people there are, the shittier your chances of making it out in a short time. it would also work if there is a candidate who would be voting. more media, longer suffering!
2. lather on an SPF 30 sunblock of your choice. 
3. shade? fuck the shade! stand under the heat of the sun. better yet, bring a beach towel and lay it out on the grounds of the precinct. 
4. commence sun bathing. 


to be fair, there were lots of eye candy. too bad there were also a shit ton of jejemons. oh well.


eye candy 1: pare pano ba i-spell ang presinto sa english? 
eye candy 2: may S ata
eye candy 1: tanga, singular lang. 

did you know that precinct is one of the commonly misspelled words during election texting time? honestly, i was so spaced out, i almost forgot how to spell it until i was roused from the heat and the stupor. haha. so don't be a jejemon. consult your dictionary!


in other news: give automation a chance. these are all birth pains. 


Felipe said...

kapag election day yata, lumalabas talaga ang mga pogi... kaya election day, is selection day, is erection day! yay!

Jedd said...

what the heck is a jejemon???? is it a naughty word?

voted today after waiting in line from 1pm to 5pm. thought twice of just leaving, but the 'gays' would come up and i knew i had to stay put for my 1 vote towards ang ladlad to count. darn stupid gays.

ikotoki said...

whoa! exactly my thoughts!
birth pains talaga! sa simula laang ito. we'll get by. :-)

Advent said...

ay ang ganda nun ha. can i qoute you on that? hehe.

jejemons are spawns of the devil. they are cast into this world to perpetuate the jologs culture into the 21st century and beyond. they come in different forms, but you can easily spot one by how they text. trust me, they don't just murder the language, they sell it double dead.

agreed! see you at the next elections!

arkin said...

even ruffa, whos really fluent, cannot spell precinct correctly. go check her tweets. HAHA. this makes her a jejemon too? lol

lots of eye candy eh? samin isa lang :( haha.

Advent said...

not really. di pa naman sya nagti tweet na may murdered tagalog. close but not really.