Friday, September 21, 2012

Inspiration...(ode to DarkWinter)

a muse came up to me through FB and asked why i haven't been putting my pen to (digital) paper as of late. a sort of blogging existential question.

i've been lurking the blogosphere more as a reveleR of blogger trainwrecks trying to carve out a niche in the internet universe. and damn, there are boatloads of 'em. concocting all sorts of gimmicks just to pass of as "interesting". and no, i am not washing my hands, because at one point in my misguided youth, i had the fame dream as well. but alas, for every bryanboy that catapults into the stratosphere, 1 million misfires fAll back to earth.


nevertheless, i am back.

i will write for me.

My goal is simple. that if the world would end on 12/21 (or in a billion yearS time, give or take a few million), i would, at the very lEast, make a ripple in the ocean of human collective memory. that my words would burrow into someone else's mind and blossom. that i can reach at least a few to let them know that my Story existed.

madstringsmanifesto version 4* , now strumming.

*i skipped v3 for no apparent reason.



darkwinter came at a time when i was a wide-eyed deer hit by an oncoming truck, left alone dying on the road. she held her hand out, and i took it. i got back up on my feet and did not look back ever since. she's like shiva, smiting down an old world to give way for a new one.

darkwinter dear,

time has changed both our faces. but it will never change what's inside of us: the passion to write.

forever your admirer,


Mugen said...

Some of us still waits for your return.

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

how is darkwinter? i hope she's doing well :)