Friday, February 25, 2011

Mad Strings 10: The Reverb

two weeks after the silent storm and i found myself on a shore. i'm not sure where this is, but this new land i'm trekking seems pristine, yet it echoes of familiarity. i suddenly have this surge of energy. "walk, Advent.", it prodded." just walk". and so i skimmed the coastline. the beach looks promising, but the forest over yonder glow like tiger eyes. and i caught myself, smiling in mid leap.

have i told you about my knack for wrestling tigers? no? ok, then. here we go...


do you have this predisposition to always fall for the wrong person? join the club. somehow, someway, i always get those who are: in relationships, just got out of a relationship, can't get over a relationship...bah! i already checked the mirror several times. do i have a look that scream: come get me, you dick baits?! di naman. do i have a magnetic effect to these tortured souls? do i scream: "sanctuary! come hither!" masokista ba ko? baka.


i have not experienced the "joys" of having a hangover. ever. seriously. when my friends and i go out for a bacchanalian night and i go drink 'til we get so smashed it's not even funny, the next day, i'm fine while all my silly friends are nursing a throbbing head (yung sa taas).

i guess my body is just "engineered" that way.

so here i am several weeks later, back to my cheery 'ol self. i bounce back easily. too easily in fact, i think it's kinda eerie. correlation to my lack of hangovers? maybe.

or maybe i just have a very efficient defense mechanism.(hmm...a topic for another post. pwede.)


for all its worth, Happy EDSA revolution day. or whatever the holiday is called. we have come a long way from the ways of old, but somehow not far enough. change comes not from the government and who sits on the chair of power. do i want to contribute? well, hell yeah! but have i done anything for the society? let me get back to you on that.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Born This Way

This could have been the new anthem...

if only, it didn't sound like....


Monday, February 7, 2011

Schisms Tres






time for a change. 

ready for the heat

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Schisms 2

enough of the dreary news, time to switch it up a bit.

in other news...

my family just had a reunion. we hail from the hometown of the first parliament, Cavite.

it was a blast. the last time i was in Cavite was over a decade ago. back then, i was a confused little boy. haha. it was such a breath of fresh air being able to spend time with people who love you for who you are and not what you want them to love you as. it was crazy/fun. Water Park in Kawit is worth checking out. oh, just don't mind the construction going on. the place is pricy, but it's worth it. plus it's Josephine's. you can not go wrong with their food.


we spent a night at the resort. actually this is more of just a primer for a bigger party this coming Saturday. my lola has reached the veritable age of 85 and there's going to be a grand celebration. this middle of the week tryst at the Water Park is just R and R for the immediate family. intimate, i guess is the best word.

the next day we headed out to explore the rest of the city. we checked up on one of the houses we were having renovated for leasing. anyone from Cavite here? do me a favor and answer this: would you know the going rate for leasing houses? i'm trying to find a sweet spot on how much to charge tenants. it's a bungalow type of house, 200 sq. m with a two car garage. i know, Cavite before was a second rate city, but nowadays, it's fast becoming a boom town.


oh and we soaked up on some bit of history along the way as well. we went to aguinaldo's mansio...i mean house. man, i didn't know that this guy was loaded! damn, his house is way too old-world-fancy. i loved it! if i'm going to fashion my dream house, it's going to be contemporary minimalist mixed with old school architectural sensibilities.

damn, this house is old!

this hallway had it coming.
pose-friendly hallways,
watch out! haha.
ridiculously huge house, complete with a
bell tower!
love, love, love, the old world
furnitures. would love to have a
house like this.


This way to Narnia.
Click to enlarge.


i learned something new about my sister R, on this trip. she told me that she had a fascination of hidden passages. i remember, all those years back, while we were growing up, we always played Narnia-esque, The Secret Garden-like make-believe games. guided tours are for squares! we broke off from the group and did a little exploring of our own.

Sneaking around the old house
guilt filled fun

the creepy, psycho ward-like

gotta get proof. hehe

this is a shot of the highest window
in the house. can you believe this
house has 7 floors? crazy!

Lara Croft, pinoy style. hehe.


getting a dose of history was a welcome experience. it put things into perspective. to me, things that may appear dire now, may just be a mere echo in the future. and that echo may actually lead you to something greater. i've learned to see my life in another light.


i love my family to bits! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Schisms 1

so i manned up. i took the plunge. i told him all i felt. well, almost all. i didn't want him to think i'm bordering on obsession.

the result?

major fail.

this guy i was so head over heels in "love" with, turns out to be a major dick bait. he gave me all these signals. heck, he even went out with me on 3 dates. things went down. feelings...pants...everything.

and what do i find out?

he just hooked up again with his ex over the weekend.


dick baits abound nowadays. i should know...i've been one. damn hurts pala to be on the receiving end. karma, much?


so i wore my heart out on my sleeve and this is what i get.


at this point in the game...i've learned the art of ambivalence. yeah. i cry. but only on the inside. 

boohoos while the world's smallest violin plays. (haha! whoever can tell me where this line came from gets a special cookie!)

and then i smile because i knew for a fact that i tried. i'm one of those guys who's all about the journey, not the destination. and boy, was the ride good, and the view, scenic.


oh well. next! here i go again. i wonder what does life have in store for me?


a mega post coming up. oh and enough about dicks. haha. time for some introspection and other matters. not everything is about the heart, right?

see ya.