Monday, October 4, 2010

Staying Up

i guess the last entry was just way too lazy. well at least for me. i could at least tell you what it was about. at least, in bits and pieces.

ok, i wanted to extract myself from this state of single blessedness that i am in. and boy did i really think that i finally got my shot. i met someone.

but alas, the fates may have been setting me up for their amusement. it wasn't meant to be. i tried to be at my best. i gave it the patented advent-style of panliligaw (side note: i always do the panliligaw...somehow, the thought of being the recipient of the ligaw makes me uncomfortable...i guess i'm still a boy deep inside). i always go for the unexpected and the memorable. i gave it one heck of a shot.


and then the day he uttered these lines: "don't you think we're better off as friends?". the pain sliced through me like a hot knife through butter.


i was supposed to write about what happened between me and the most recent "i-never-got-there" friend. but i figured, the only thing flying out of my mouth/fingers is drivel. saccharine and slow. i'm done with purple prosing. i guess it's just not me anymore. this new me is about empowerment.

so yeah, here i am alone again. single. yearning. oh fuck. i think i'm done with wallowing. at least for now.

hi, i'm advent, and i eat rejections for breakfast.



2 entries back, i noticed i got a whopping string of comments. i'm sorry if i haven't replied. but i appreciate it all the same. and i do hope it's about the message of the entry that's coming across and not my, uhm, new look. hehe.

PS. to mr. anonymous...i know all you've been posting is either how fat i am and how unappealing i am to you now. i would just like to tell you to go fuck yourself and i know your IP and i swear, when i find you imma gonna cut your face!


i'm kidding. LOL. i completely agree. i'm "fatter" now. thank god. at least i know my weight gain program is working. oh and i can't please everyone, right? wanna go out on a date? wink. LOL.


Mr. Brightside said...

Can relate to this post... i experienced this recently or have been experiencing for the past year.. akala ko may patutunguhan, wala pala/akala ko gusto ko hindi pala/akala ko gusto niya ako hindi pala

Mu[g]en said...

Problem when you stop searching is that you tend to be complacent with yourself.

I'm at that stage. Complacency. That's why my work out is suffering. Big time.

Eternal Wanderer... said...

you win some, you lose some.

but life goes on ;)

imsonotconio said...

tara lets have a date lol

joelmcvie said...

Hehehe, at 44 I've had rejection for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with in-between snacks thrown in. That's why I'm fat now; even my BF tells me I'm fat.

Speaking of which, did you really add weight, or did you just cut your hair short? Well, you look great either way, so there. =)

Advent said...

@Mr Brightside: at this point i should be a master of it, but nooooo! i guess, i will ever be the romantic.

@Muggen: i kinda see what you mean but not necessarily relate because im a lazy ass when it comes to working out. haha.

@EW: ahw. tough lesson, but true. i know, life is back to the way it was.

@INSC: lol.

@joel: this is going to be on my epitaph, i guess. haha.

i did. 10 pounds. i have an overly active metabolism. i gorge on food like there's no tomorrow but it doesnt show. lol. that and yeah, i guess i cut my hair. ngayon ko lang na prove na long hair makes you look skinnier. haha.

oh and thanks! =)

Mr. Brightside said...

Minsan tlga disadvantage maging romantic/hopeless romantic

Soltero said...

no you are not FAT! and yeah, we all have our share of rejections...

VICTOR said...

People who do not like "fat" people should be force-fed.

Advent said...

@Mr. Brightside: hay. agree.

@Soltero: i know! haha. ang nagsasabing hindi pa sya narereject ay sinungaling...or virgin. haha

@Victor: haha.

Anonymous said...

What? A weight gain program? How cool is that? Why dont you take lessons from me? Wait, all questio marks; how cool is that?

Advent said...

ooh ooh, i have one, ready?


who's this?

V1nC3 said...

Lolz @ 'I eat rejections for breakfast'.. We all had our share of rejections, I sometimes reserve mine for dessert.. Btw, I'm a new follower. Hope u dnt mind. Tnx

Advent said...

@Vince: hehe. yeah. welcome to these shores. :)