Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mad Strings 9: Go Solo

synapses fire. bodies gyrating to the beat of the music. and then. there was fire. the coastline of our lips met. how is it possible that we meet people through such unexpected events? is that how the song of time works? you never really hear the symphony. you just feel it, throbbing in your chest.

give in to the passion.


despite the initial heat, i don't think i would lie down in the bed being offered. i don't want to. not now. i have blue and purple dreams to pursue. i have a life to put in order. please be still, little tremors.


in other news, add me up on BBM and twitter. i'll show you my pin if you show me yours. ;) as for twitter, i picked a random name: @KeanDrey_ism. See you!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Silver Balls

don't you just love the christmas weather? the crisp, chilly winds from the north are back. hearkens me back to the days when i was but a wee little carefree version of myself. why can't we just be that? nowadays, all we associate with the wind is warming up with someone. where did that notion come from in the first place?


i love working in the Bonifacio Global City, especially during the yuletide season. i could even say i love it way more than i loved Makati back in the days. BGC with its wide streets, decors all around, posh establishments and's almost perfect!

it's here where i can just walk around and feel the wind. it just gives me that warm and fuzzy christmas feeling. suddenly those long lost, idyllic memories of youth come rushing back.



i think Christmas 2010 is one of my best yet. i don't know why. maybe because i have so much to celebrate. accomplishments, be it little or grand, marked this year for me.

i was able to make a lot of things happen.


i'm really looking forward to the coming year with renewed hope and positivity.


good vibes, everyone!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours

namesake (N1)
a few days before the party, he was leaving messages on my Facebook.

weird. awkward. but somehow, stirRing.

it's been 2 months since he tore me up and left me broken. all of a sudden, trite little messages here and there.

messages that led texting.
texting that led to eating out again.
Eating out that led to long walks in the misty morning.


why do i Yearn for those little moments we share? why you of all people? why do i throw my ego to the wind, in expense of your affection? why do i put up with this?

love? bah. humbug. you and your twisted rules of engagement.


namesake's namesake (N2)
out of spite, i had a night on the towN 2 days ago. i'm not the bar type, but i decided to check one out in Ortigas.

and damn i partied like it's 2012! danced hard, drank harder. lOl.


that's when he caught my eye. then, the dance. you know the Motions: furtive glances. the approach. the nibble. the feigned disinterest. the sense of wanton disregard of tomorrow. when i'm intoxicated my level of inhibition drops. and boy, i was drunk as hell!


you know that feeling that when you like someone, read: really really like? it's that anD more.


we stole the dancefloor from everybody. haters and admirers just looking on to what we do next.


he kissed me hard.and i kissed him back. and then the world was on fire.




he was asking me to go home with him.

i wanna get down, but not the first night.

a cookie if you remember that song.


just call me N (N)
my beck friend waited for me to end my tryst. my beck friend who had always been there. who've witnessed me in my lowest low after N1 ripped my heart out.

he was advising me against going to NNs pad (i was actually thinking of going! haha). he had all the convincing words. he so adamant in telling me off. he was stern but reprimanding.

he was so up in my case. and i'm getting confused.

that's when the alcohol in me took over. i freakin lost it. i started sobbing like a damned fool. i know it doesn't make sense, but what does when you are so deep into the rabbit hole?

he shushed me. he held my hand, consoled me. then he kissed me.

i'm fucked.


have a bamboozling middle of the week, folks!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Part Time Show Off

why do we bother going to these parties? simple. we have the yearning to be seen in our best. doesn't matter what the original intention was. all people want is to be noticed/admired/deified. everything is so superficial.

damn, i hate parties.


that is not to say that i am not going though.


one of my pet peeves is a theme lacking in imagination. one of my friends said theirs was: Wear Red. LOL. it probably took, what? a year to conceptualize that.

tonight, i'm coming in a 3 piece suit. Oscar's Awards Night...2 steps above whoa, stupid; a half step above unimaginative; and 3 steps below amazing. so so.


i've never been the "look at me!" type, but tonight, damn i'm gonna kill it. LOL.


what is your company's theme this year and what rating do you give to it?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cool Breeze

can you feel it? it's almost here: that one time in the year.

i wish i can bring back the Christmases of my youth. how come everything was better in retrospect? i miss feeling the nippy air. i miss the folly. i miss the bliss.

what do you miss about the holiday?