Thursday, December 23, 2010

Silver Balls

don't you just love the christmas weather? the crisp, chilly winds from the north are back. hearkens me back to the days when i was but a wee little carefree version of myself. why can't we just be that? nowadays, all we associate with the wind is warming up with someone. where did that notion come from in the first place?


i love working in the Bonifacio Global City, especially during the yuletide season. i could even say i love it way more than i loved Makati back in the days. BGC with its wide streets, decors all around, posh establishments and's almost perfect!

it's here where i can just walk around and feel the wind. it just gives me that warm and fuzzy christmas feeling. suddenly those long lost, idyllic memories of youth come rushing back.



i think Christmas 2010 is one of my best yet. i don't know why. maybe because i have so much to celebrate. accomplishments, be it little or grand, marked this year for me.

i was able to make a lot of things happen.


i'm really looking forward to the coming year with renewed hope and positivity.


good vibes, everyone!


Nimmy said...

eeeeeee. more more blessings to come this 2011 kuya! :)

i also prefer BGC over Makati. hindi siksikan, malinis tignan. pak na pak! hehehe

Happy Holidays!

soltero said...

Happy Holidays Advent! mwahhh :P

Aris said...

merry christmas! :)

Sean said...

hey advent. merry christmas!