Friday, July 23, 2010

Back Door Man

have you ever seen a porn so disturbing, it made you less horny than it should havE?


let's be honest, we've probably logged in millions of man hours if we combine our collective porn streaming. those who deny this: drop dead, liar!


try this really out there theme: power tools. i had a headache and a fit of nausea soon after viewing this drivel. name a power tool, it was there and it was perverted. it's one of those things so mind-blowingly revolting, you can't look away.


so there was this nelly bottom getting power hammered in the rear. they retrofitted this tool and attached a dildo to the end part. the result? madness.


and then, the nasty part. after an agonizing 15 minutes of getting power pounded, they took a shot of his ass. and guess what...let's just say it wasn't dry...and it was a color you wouldn't want to see outside of your restroom.

no more. i permanently deleted the file.

and i'm mentally SCARRED for life.


which brings home my point: what is it in butt sex that most of my brethren find so enticing? i mean, it doesn't even look remotely pleasurable. definitely not for the bottom because he takes the pounding; and for the top - how can anyone stand sticking it in that hole?

remember my mantra about not dissing something unless you've tried it? well i have every right to diss it. i've played both roles. and neither is anything resembling my definition of hot. a hot mess maybe a better description.

there are so many other things i can do to you that are equally (if not more) pleasurable than taking it in the/giving it to the behind. you just have to get your kamasutra on. ;)


whoever can get this reference, gets a cookie from me...


Nimmy said...

have you ever seen a porn so disturbing, it made you less horny than it should havE?

i did! girl to girl. eeeeew. lol

orallyours said...

lol @nimmy

Advent said...

haha. i almost fell off my chair reading that.

shivers! hehe

imsonotconio said...


iurico said...

LMAO Nimmy!

reference? hmmm... Moby Dick? Either that or a WHOLE lotta love. LOL

Lasherations said...

i bet my arse (no pun intended) that there are worse vomit-inducing porno scenes out there...i tell ya

Jaytee said...

Leather and S&M make me gag but when I first started watching gay porn, the anal scene disgusted me. I guess I'm just used to it now.

parking ticket said...

Nimmy's comment was the best!! I share his sentiments!! LOL

Ex Jason said...

does anyone know mr hands?

Advent said...


yey! you get a cookie! aside from the pun, the title for this entry is a line in that song. :)

i can only begin to imagine. shivers.

for me it's the opposite. i starting to get "unused" to it. oh and's weird no?


aka horse "whisperer"? :)

iurico said...

yey! Where can I claim that cookie please? LOL

Advent said...

it has to be claimed personally. ;)