Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mad Strings 6: The Sly Ones

would you bite the hand that feeds yoU? the younger, less calculating me, would have. now, i ask: how do you extricate yourself from the feeling of being part of a bureaucracy?

power begets power. and those who get a taste of it feel like they need more. some aspire for the zenith all at the expense of trampling on other individuals. others want to be a beacon of integrity but fear the waves crashing on their sandcastles. do you sell out to reach the goal or do you hold on to your ideals even if it means losing?

it gets complicated when your dreams are at stake. ideals or dreams? which hold more weight? can your ideals sustain you, nourish your body, give you a roof above your head? can your dreams keep you from being ashamed of what you've become?

the struggle for balance is precarious. it's like walking along a path on the edge of a jagged cliff. one false step, and you kiss the gloom below.

why does it have to be like this? 



Lasherations said...

i guess what they say is true: you can't have it all...but yeah, what a dilemma you have...hmmm...

Advent said...

one can not take one path and not ponder what would have been different had one taken the other.

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

everyone eventually sells out. and once that happens, no one will sell out. i had a little struggle with the whole bureaucracy part of employment when i was younger but when i realized that i would die without it, i just resolved to find better balance.

good luck with everything. :)