Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Your Wang Needs To Go

wangwang. the tagalog word for car sireN.

still makes me snicker every time i hear it. very pinoy.


word of the day: onomatopoeia. defined as: making up a word based on how it sounds (ex, boom, cuckoo, achoo, boing, pak, wangwang...) i heard it from a college professor who happens to like dropping big words in his conversation. well, he has a doctorate in literature- i give him that. don't you just hate it when you run into someone who does this on a regular basis? you don't have to have a Ph.D. to be qualified to utter such words, but what i'm saying is, do it when the situation calls for it.

impress me with your candor, not your pretention.


notice the trend nowadays, bloggers are being introspective. too introspective for their own good. is it because of the weather? gloomy skies equate to the spread of the emo virus. LOL.

i'm trying to not catch it.


assuming your car has one, now that it's illegal what do you do with it? out of boredom, i was listening to AM radio this afternoon and i happened across two hilarious DJs.

top five things you can do with your wangwang

1. hang it on your tree this christmas. throw away your cheap ass lights. this is where it's at. you get lights, you get sounds.

2. put it in a dark room. play loud music. serve booze. presto! instant club! now quick, come up with a witty name like Che'lu or Bed or Top/Bottom.

3. not hearing your pa-tweetums chimes every time somebody is at the door? replace your doorbell!

4. celphone accessory. maiba lang. haha.

5. this is more for the politicians: can't wake up on time that's why you need to rush through traffic? use your wangwang as your alarm clock!


hump day again. why can't wednesdays be more lively?

anyways, my chant: 2 days to go...2 days to go...


Nimmy said...

natawa ako sa celphone accessory. gusto ko nun!

i'll have my asawa buy me one. LOL

Advent said...

adik lang. hehe.

btw, that statement is so gretchen baretto. :)

imsonotconio said...

i agree so gretchen nga

Advent said...

with matching jaguar to put the wang wang in. hehe

Nimmy said...

i know rightttttt. haha

Advent said...