Advent Who?

i've had so many profiles over the years that I seem to lost counT. it's funny how we leave our virtual footprint all over the web thinking/shouting "this is me!" "watch me!" or "look at me, look at me!" and inevitably forget about it either by choice or by circumstance. social archeologists of distant future times would need to sift through server data to unearth this era's "modern man".

do you remember how many accounts you've had on the world wide weB? let me see if i can recall mine.

back in the days when Facebook was non-existent (*shudders*), i had an account with friendsteR. the young 'uns nowadays would go 'huh?' when you say friendster, but back then it was the "in" thing. i've recently visited that account just to check. i still got my tons of pictures there as well as the hordes of unknown "friends". nowadays, kids consider it uncool to not have an FB account. friendster was so 1999.

for blogs, i tried,,,, wordpress, and i even had an account here in blogspot (which i opted not to resurrecT). in each of those sites i've spawned more personas than madonna had "reinventions". i was sooo dramatic.

then there were the ahem, "dating" siteS. i've spread my seeds (pun?) on such sites as,,,, so embarassing i'd prefer not to name them anymore. you get the drift. i still have some of those active. *winks*

something these sites in common though would be this little write up i post on every profile pagE.


My Credo
I'm the product of the universal machinations, ethereal and effervescent. You think you know've just skimmed the surface.

I believe in a greater power that dictates the outcome of my life.
I believe that this power emanates to the small things, things that are usually taken for granted, because as we go about our daily existence, they become mundane and perfunctory;
I believe in the power of words, how they can evince raw emotions out of a string of symbols; emotions that define the moment you are in;
I believe that with the ability to wield words, you have the power to make a nation break down into tears or to rise up in armed revolt;
I believe that with words, you could weave a veil of imagery, enough to make someone fall in love, enough to crush someones heart;
I believe that books are the time machines that man had been searching for in vain; that opening the cover, leafing thru page to page is a journey unto itself.
I believe in Karma, that with which the universe resonates with; that which echoes in the halls of our psyche.
I believe in the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. I believe in mad poetics and the little drops of vagrant moods.
And most of all, I believe in the penultimate need of the soul to reach out and assimilate other souls. I believe that there was a time when all souls came from a single core and that by stroke of hand of the greater power it was divided and strewn to the wind, fated to seek each other once again. ~adventchild 01/27/05

Some shorties about me:
I've been called a lot of things in this lifetime but I've somehow managed to sway them all away... At 10 years old, I felt and thought like I was 20. At 20, I felt and thought like I was 30...I know what I have, and I know my limits...I'm as flawed as can be...I can say things to your face that your mother won't allow me to...I don't apologize for what I am and what I've done...

But after all this, I know what I can offer that nobody else can.

Who I'd like to meet:
I'd like to meet someone who can make me ponder, make me fall in awe, make me laugh, inspire a change in me, make me drop my pride, teach me how to catch a fox, make me watch a sunrise, teach me another language, fly with me to the moon...or Rome or Frankfurt or Brussels or Seoul...

Not necessarily in one package... And if you've got something else I haven't listed above, I'd sure love to get to know you.

There are several roads that lead to me. Which one will you choose?


theatrical, nO?

this was me a little over 5 years ago, yet somehow it still strikes some right chordS. people are dynamic, fluid, and perpetually evolving. yet at the same time having a part that is incorrigible and static. have you ever felt like no matter how much things remain the same, the more they paradoxically change?

enter 2010 and i see myself in front of my (newly and proudly purchased) laptop, tapping awaY. allow me to encapsulate this period in my life, my so called iBud era. i call it such because i feel i'm on the verge of something. the sapling is now a nubile sequoia. a lot of things are changing (for the better or likewise). like what Sam Cooke said: a change is going to come. and i say keep it coming.

here i go again strumming madly at my written stringS. and my new manifesto.


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