Sunday, June 13, 2010

Splurge Silly

long entries turn off readerS. oh well. this is not a long entry. true story!


i should have stayed at homE. i had to go on one of my unplanned shopping splurges. poor bank account. hehe.


my baby is sick. :(

i was planning on just staying home, but my sexy black baby conked ouT. i panicked of course. but when i came to, i diagnosed (i know a thing or two). it turns out, it's not really the whole laptop, the battery just gave out all of a sudden. arg! and i was finishing up an entry. so i had to go to rush her to the laptop hospital (ie, Complink Megamall) to have it serviced. this machine is only 8 mos old! she can't be sick yet!

the Acer Timeline (specifically 4810t) is one utterly sexy beast. it comes with a humongous hard drive (well, at least to me), a dvd burner, high def 720p webcam, keyboard that makes other laptops weep with envy, and it's SO slim! when closed, i can't believe it's less than an inch! you could lift it with one hand and not even exert an effort. the one feature though that got me sold on getting it would be it goes up to 8 hours. read that again, 8. freakin. hours! that's like watching the Lord of The Rings (extended version), 1 to 3!

does having such a long-life battery have something to do with my lappy baby's mysterious "illness"? i hope not. and it shouldn't because i take good care of my stuff! my friend's laptop is now on its 3rd year. his battery  lasts a measly 2 hours when fully charged. but still, his hasn't encountered any problem since purchase.

i've been a very good lover/owneR. i've never abused my baby. the longest it has been on would be 5 hours. but that's normal right? i've heard of addicts keeping their lappys on for 24 hours and their batteries are still standing.

so my deduction is the battery they gave me is an old farT.

when i got to the service center kuya said the same thing (cookie for honestY!). my baby turns on when plugged in to a wall socket. everything is running fine. no virus (viruses, virii? whatever), no crashes, no glitches. so there. i had to have to use the warranty to have the battery sent back to Acer for replacement. kuya was all accommodating and all, he then asked me for the receipt...


which i kinda lost so many months agO. good thing they had an archive of receipts.


after having my baby's check up, i roamed the mall. Megamall is so much different from the Megamall of my youth. first and most glaring would be: the skating rink is no more! what a sad, sad fate for skaters. there was a time i dreamt of becoming a hockey player...yeah right, of course a figure skater! why? that's so manly diba? diba? just look at pre-showbiz Sam Milby. oh wait...

anyway, the mall had had a make oveR. although it's superficial, at least the mall doesn't have that "tired" look anymore. i checked out the new wing. it wasn't as big as some people think it is, but it's nice.

brasato il manzo di vino rossi and mozzarella fritte

i had a date with myself at Amici (can't believe that the restaurant just outside of my highschool is now an honest to goodness franchise).

after a scrumptious meal, it wouldn't be Amici if you didn't get a gelato.

with more italian sounding names than you can count!



speaking of which, there were a lot of eye candy roaming abouT.


shopping is therapeutiC. my wardrobe is officially replenished. loving yourself sure goes a long way.


Memo has always been my boutique of choice for my office attire. it's moderately priced and the quality is comparable to my Van Heusens, Arrows, Onesimuses, etc. (sometimes i even wonder why i patronize said brands). the Memo Megamall branch has a hottie in their sales stewards (i just coined it. nice ring to it, no?).


the department store is having a fire salE. items have been slashed down by as much as 60%. i decided it wouldn't hurt to diversify my wardrobe, right? the department store had that makeover as well, it seems so fancy now. and i can't believe the bargain i got. super cheap, good quality long sleeved shirts at 800 pesos each! amazing! i should do this more. hehe.


downside is they have a dressing room where you come en massE. lining up? come on! anyway, when you're in rome...right? so i patiently waited in line. i have this odd tendency of tuning out from all the outside commotion. i just stare into blank space. wala lang. you know, when you're fully aware of your surroundings but you're not there? something like that.

embarrassing moment turned flirting mode: turns out, when i snapped out, i was staring at this hunky guy fitting his shirts and deciding what to geT. i think i know why i was unconsciously staring: he had biceps that could feed an army. well, hyperbole much? but still you get the point. that's my weakness. biceps. i just find it so...appealing.

he gave me a smilE. not just any smile, but that smile. so gave him one back. the old me would have said something along the lines of "get the beige one, looks good on you." but i was so surprised i didn't even say a thing. he even followed me after i had my turn at the fitting room. but then all i was thinking is i just wanna get home. my gawd, what has happened to me?

i'm getting rusty.


time for another sharpening. look out world!

..or maybe not. let's see.


Eternal Wanderer... said...

little battery tip: if you're just using the laptop at home, and you have accessible outlets, take out the battery, and just plug in the laptop directly tot the outlet.

it spares the battery from the unnecessary recharge-discharge cycle. it's this cycle that shortens the battery life considerably ;)

Advent said...

hmmm...good thought. actually, im a little hard headed. but i'll try that. thanks EW!

imsonotconio said...

i love this post!@

Nimmy said...

~yummmy pics!

Advent said...

i love you too! hehe..

yup! i know right?

Peter said...

I thought this was supposed to be a short post. Enjoyed it though.

Advent said...

it isnt?! hehe..

thanks, peter!

wozzel said...

i was hooked with the "long entries turn off readerS" and ended up reading it anyway. Nice post!

Advent said...

maybe i should put that on everytime i make a long entry. hehe. thanks wozzel. :)

orallyours said...

"me time" i like it

SOLTERO said...

haha yes, u were rusty hahhahaha :P

and hmm i know one blogger who really gets turned off by long entries. he is a lazy reader bwahahhaa :P

ikotoki said...

long entries with good writing make for a good reading. only sloppy writers would bore me to death.

Advent said...

yup. i love me times. :)

oo na. im getting domesticated. gasp. hehe. hindi pwede ito.

i know who that! ha. but you cared enough to comment. muah! hehe.

wow. that made my day. :) thanks, man!