Sunday, June 27, 2010

When Pigs Fly and Fish Blue

it's been a crazy weeK. seriously. i'm glad to say i'm getting the groove of my new mantle. which is a good thing, of course. i think i've finally etched myself a niche in this humongous organization. and i plan on becoming more. just you wait, world!


i'm pumped with enthusiasm about what lies aheaD.


i'm suddenly getting a lot of people noticing me in a not so good waY. they've been calling out my sudden drop in weight. i know i've been busy lately. and i know i'm pouring my heart out for my endeavors, but i think it's taking a toll on my physical wellbeing.

as a remedy i've been gorging on food so much, you'd think i'm feeding an army in my stomacH. i've been known for my legendary appetite. and people are taken by surprise by how much i eat even though i stay skinny.

for all of my life, i've lived skinny. i'm 5'7 and weigh 130 lbs. the highest i've gone is 145lbs. ok maybe i'm not that skinny. but borderline skinny and not skinny. how's that? hehe. how i wish i had one of those physiques that do not even need to exert an effort to build up muscles. i read somewhere that my body type is called an ectomorph. it's one of those WTF terms that sounds something out of Power Rangers. it's the type that remains as skinny as it is even though you eat like nobody's business. my opposite is the endomorph. those are the type that just looking at food makes theme obese. true story!

but all is not lost. i read that i still have the chance to get buffed uP. of course, there's the gym as an alternative. however, i don't see myself as a gym going type. the reason is i prefer to keep my privacy when i work out. catch-22 is, the only way you'd be able to drag me into the gym is i have a bod worth showing off, but to get that...

oh well. i'm not too keen on doing something about it as of yeT. but i think i should have something planned for next year.


speaking of pigging out, i organize a brunch for my team just yesterdaY. since we have always frequented either the Fort or Makati, i decided we have to try something different. somewhere far, but not insanely far. i thought Eastwood sounded like a good prospect. so off we go.

i planned the brunch to a tee. well, except the venue. i prefer to keep some part of the plan spontaneous. i like having something out of the blue.

after wandering about selecting, we decided to eat at BluFish/The Flying Pig. the concept is, they are actually 2 separate restaurants but you could pick items from the menu of both. cool, huh?

since it was charged to the corp card, the sky's the limiT. and boy did i get a lot. try a whole slab of steak, manahattan chowder, and pretty much what everybody got (i did samplings. hehe). i highly recommend the paella royale and the sea bass smothered in blue cheese and top with german frankfurters and mushrooms. ah. to die for.


after the meal, we went to Red Mango for the fro-yos. i don't really see the fascination for the yogurt but damn! i love the them almond mochis.


we walked around the malL. did some embarassing photo ops ala yayas on a day off. complete with pictures by the fountain. well, it's a rare occasion to have a hundred percent attendance from the team so we did not let it pass. and hey, i bet those pretentious snots are dying to take their own pictures as well. so fuck them. haha.


then came parting time.


i had to stop by Johnny Rockets just to see what the fuss is about. the milkshakes are phenomenal. definitely a must try.
advent and team @ the flying pig/blufish


i'm spending the whole day today just lounging at homE. firing up my xbox 360 for a couple of rounds...catching up on my books.... playing with my shitzu, Sophia...hay, sarap.


life is good.


Jedd said...

You're not skinny at all. It's your team or friends who are carrying extra weight.

Advent said...

haha. i lol'd at this. good one jedd. nice perspective. but i dont think they would be happy with that. hehe.

devil_under_light said...

6 foot here; only 165 lbs. i share your pain ectobuddy.

Alterjon said...

di naman ah.

if you're skinny, that makes me thin.

ouch! ;P

Advent said...

damn, you are tall.

welcome to my shores. i don't think you are. ;P