Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Public Servant

for the first time, Mr. President, i felt inspired by you. contrary to naysayers (funny how now i am inching into the side of yellow), i admire your little touches of wrath in the speech. i earnestly pray though that this vengeance will be served swiftly and boldly. that is what this country has been needing. like Rizal's filibustero, i see a man who's on the side of good and yet bears a flaming hand. caution though: temper your wrath with justice!

and i really appreciate the fact that you acknowledged the people as your "boss". yes, it may be rhetorical, but no one has actually done that before. erap, maybe put it in words, but he's an actor and his speech was his script. everybody else saw the seat as a throne to lord over us mortals. that was mighty classy of you. not original, but classy.

keep this momentum going, sir.

i'm now a convert.


inauguration or concert? i was beginning to think the latter.

next time, Noy handlers, try to cut the crappy "OPMs". most notably, (no offense to fans) the APO. did age take away the creative juices? what the hell was that disaster? then came Ogie's regurgitated mess. Christian Bautista's You Raise Me Up was totally unnecessary. and then there's the cheesy group song led by no less than the master of cheesy oversinging, Gary V.

the only gem within the pile of garbage was Noel Cabangon. now THAT is a musician. able to blend mesmerizing harmony with haunting lyricism. and the passion in his voice. so guttural and raw. it was really coming from the heart and mind. it's music in action. i've been secretely admiring him eversince but for that performance, i am forever a fan. too bad, the people didn't get him.


overall, i would say that the inauguration was 100% pinoy.


there's hope for this country yet.


edit: as Somelostboy and Muggen commented, it's just 90% pinoy. why? there were no dance numbers! if there were dance numbers, then i would have changed my second verse to:

inauguration or Pilipinas Got Talent? i was beginning to think it was the latter...



somelostboy said...

I say 90% Pinoy. There is no dance number eh.

Mu[g]en said...

I have to agree with Somelostboy. Dapat man lang may itik-itik or pandanggo sa ilaw.

Yas Jayson said...

whatever its authentic filipino percentage, it was a moment of promise.

congasholashions, filipinos :)

Nimmy said...

a friend posted "Sunday na ba? Parang party pilipinas lang ang inauguration." LOL

Advent said...

@SLB and Muggen:
o damn, yeah i forgot! haha. pero if there was, i would say is it an inauguration or...Pilipinas Got Talent? I mean andun na si Kris diba? haha.

True that!

wait, friend mo ba si Karlo M.? he said the same thing! hehe.

JR said...

Thanks for this post..di ko kasi napanood inauguration - umiyak ba si Kris? hahaha

SOLTERO said...

haha i was expecting Boy Abunda as host of the event haha :P

Advent said...

idol! hehe. di sya umiyak pero mukha syang depressed. siguro kasi wala na syang tagakamot ng kati pag gabi. hiwalay na sila e. ehhe.

oo nga e. if that happened, The Buzz na to.

devil_under_light said...

you don't appreciate the all-gooey goodness of GaryV? The prancing and dancing diabetic? *sigh


Arjee said...

yeah! Noel Cabangon was great! a true artist! :-)

Songs Of Lasher said...

happy ako na convert ka...kasi convert din ako...hehe

Advent said...

hala. mean ka. hehe. kidding. i get the sarcasm.

true, true!

hehe. cool.

victor said...

It seems a lot of people have been converted into Noy's cause. It's just scary to believe he is sincere. Because if in the end, he isn't, it would be utterly disappointing.

Advent said...

well, we can't all be pessimists, right? i just go by what i believe is true. if im wrong, then i'll be damned.

Advent said...

it's not so much conceding as it is a blind optimism. this country has been through so much and it deserves more than what it's getting. let's hope.