Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jackman and Rain Head

the following write up is a result of putting too much caffeine in my body. no, not coffee. but iced tea. did you know it contains caffeine? no? try guzzling 3 liters worth. then get back to me.


i met someone neW. a professor. let's just call him professor jackman. moreno, buff in all the right places and tall enough for me, level headed and at the point in his life where he is already really stable. no, he's not a geriatric. he's actually just a year my senior.

i met him while i was on my way to the officE. surprisingly, he works in the building just beside ours. we bumped into each other as i was on my way to our lobby. he was walking hurriedly from the car park just adjacent our building. like those cheesy rom-com, boy meets boy. boy smiles, other boy smiles back. smiles that meant business. boy gets boy's number. boy meets up after work for a date. can you spell serendipity?

as i got to know him, i saw some facets that i find really attractivE. sure, he may not be brad pitt or orlando bloom, but i like my men a little off-center. you know, adorable, but not centerfold gorgeous. i don't go chasing after pretty boys. most that i've met thought that the sun and all the planets orbit around their little heads. the kind of boys i like are those who have really good angles and some not so good ones. that just spells character for me. i find that really seductive. beauty is overrated - it gets stale after a while.

it was a whirlwind acquaintancE. we had a good thing going. he'd drop by my office. we'd eat out. he'd drive me home. we'd talk over the phone for hours on end. you know, the whole shebang.

2 weeks ago he just disappeared into thin aiR. no hoo-has. no nothing. i'm not the type who goes into a stupor after the end of ephemeral affairs. i just think, oh well. fuck that. next, please! too little time to waste on petty sadness.

i got a text just last night from professor jackman. it was uncharacteristic of him to text me while i'm at work so i got really curious. he said he was parked in front of my building and that he needs to talk to me. i wanted to say i'm busy (which i really was) but i said, what the heck. at least i can sucker punch him in person if needed be, right? he said he wanted to explain. oh boy. here we go again.

so anyway, he saw me as i was approaching his caR. get in, he said. and i did. he smelled really good. and can't help but notice his biceps. i'm a bicep person. gets me salivating. anyway, i wanted to keep a poker face and was really curious as to what he was about to say.

'i wanted to set things straight. i want you.' (ok, what's the but..)

'it's just that i have a boyfriend of 3 years. and he's coming home in a week's time. i didn't know what to do because i've fallen for you.' (wow! i haven't heard that one yet! wow! you get a cookie for best original screenplay!)

'i'm not happy with him anymore.' (yeah, looks like it)

'i want us to be together. so if you can wait for me, i will end it with him.' (wow, do i get a cookie now?)

first off, i'm done playing the home wrecker's part. it was fun the first few times, but at this point in my life, i've learned that karma is nobody's bitch.


i wanted to end this entry with a holier-than-thou, self-righteous piece. but i won't. because i'm not. and because i'm but human.

we ended up fogging up the windows of his car.


it was fucking awesome.


and man, jackman is hung! you know the type you only see in porn? good thing he's a bottom. otherwise, we'd get nowhere.


speaking of nowhere, i know that's where this thing is headed. i just know it. but might as well have fun while we're getting lost.


in other news, i just had my first head ache of the year. let me just say this, i only get headaches when it's about to rain. my head's like a freaky barometer. seriously. i am very sensitive to shifts in atmospheric pressure. when it's about to rain, the humidity rises and the pressure fluctuates - or something to that effect. i don't know what i just said, but it's a true story.

it's gonna rain tomorrow. quote me on that.


Peter said...

Is this the flipside of Beautiful Thing or not?
Btw, congrats on your promotion -- what's the new title, sir?

Koji A. Iizuka said...

I hope things turn out well for you and Professor Jackman :)

ikotoki said...

ephemeral affairs. il quote you on that. :D

ikotoki said...

fogging the window euphemism is so win.

arkin said...

its raining :) nice head barometer. which head btw? lol

lee said...

this post just got me giggling ;))

and how i wish my headaches are as useful as yours. i get them on an everyday basis, but they just have no use to me. =D

Elias Jayson said...

adik tong post na to. benta.

salamat sa pagdalaw. :)

jaypee | said...

Love this!

Advent said...

I don't know. Wished it wasn't. but alas, that's life.

Thanks. will post about that probably soon. :)

Methinks it wouldnt last. but anyway, it's a ride i wouldnt miss. :)

shucks. my fingers are blushing. hehe. quote quote quote! :)

and the windows really did. hehe

Advent said...
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Advent said...

@arkin: it never fails me. as for which head, come on over. lemme show you. ;)

i'd like to think of it as my mutant power. a minutely useful one. ahah.

syempre, adik ang nagsulat e. hehe

i love it too! jk. hahah.

Mumma P said...

OMG! So that's where you have gone to when I couldnt find you! I should start knocking on car windows at the carpark when you've gone missing.

Advent said...

shh...mumma p!that's our little secret. haha.

daniel said...

sizzling hehe! Kelan kaya ako mag-karoon ng experience na ganyan hehe.

Advent said...

sizzling? parang steak lang? hehe. muah!