Tuesday, May 25, 2010

James, Oh James...

i am your biggest fan. i believe you are sorely under rated and unappreciated. nevertheless, i prefer it that way. i want to keep you as is. i'd rather have you relatively undiscovered. that way i get to keep you for myself. so go ahead and sing for me with that velvet voice that could sever my soul from my body. i wish you would come here to the Philippines. that way, i can sneak past security and snip a lock of your gorgeous hair and preserve it in my shrine of James Morrison awesomeness.


can you give me a vial of your blood? or your saliva? i want to have your baby...oh wait.

obsessed!? restraining order?! what?!!

James Morrison - Please Don't Stop The Rain Live


somelostboy said...

I looooove him too!

Advent said...

yey! pero i dont think you love him as much as i do. hehhe.

arkin said...

i worship james, advent. haha. you are not alone. haha

Désolé Boy said...

hey..i am so in love...with his voice!!
hehe..he's so cool jaya..
anyway first time here!
follow kita! =)

Advent said...

HE IS MIIIIINE!!! haha. kidding.

@Desole Boy:
so seductively full and raspy no? So different from everyone else's.

welcome aboard. :)

Pipo said...

Let it fall, let it fall, let it fall

I'm a fan too

Johnny Cursive said...

Pieces don't fit anymore -- My favorite James Morrison song. Dayum he's excellent.