Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On Winning

an open letter to Noynoy:

first and foremost: congratulations. i don't have much to say to you, but i wish you live up to the mandate entrusted to you by the majority. may they not regret their decision. now is the time to live past the rhetorics and put them into actualization. i pray for you and your family (well, except for Kris). please be the change this land has so long been yearning for.



on other winning news:

i. just. got. promoted.


overflowing booze is on the way.


god bless us all.


imsonotconio said...


iurico said...

wow! congratulations! and in as much as I am praying for Noynoy, Im also praying for Kris - to continue with her crazy yet very "entertaining" antics. LOL

Mu[g]en said...

Congratulations dude.

lee said...

yipee! :) congratulations

roel said...

except for Kris talaga! hehehe...

congratz by the way!

Elias Jayson said...


Eternal Wanderer... said...

where's the celebation party? lolz

Advent said...

@INSC (o diba, may acronym na for your name. hehe):
thanks, sexy!!

hehe. wag na! sayang lang sa dasal. kahit hindi naman, ganyan pa rin sya.

thanks, pare. pa kiss nga. hehe.

yahoo! salamat. :)

naman. hehe. thanks ha!

@Elias Jayson:
thanks, man!

@Eternal Wanderer:
sa aking bahay. sexy boys are definitely welcome. hehe.

Nimmy said...

naks! congrats!

Advent said...

salamat nimmy. :)

anteros' dominion said...


Advent said...

thanks! muah!

chichirya said...


Advent said...


Aris said...

congratulations! cheers! :)

daniel said...

Congtaulations gorgeous! Godbless : )

Solid Noy-Noy here : )

Advent said...


back at you, daniel! ;)


ikotoki said...

Asaan na ang painom? :D