Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mad Strings 4: Try Sleeping With A Broken Man

i pray you won't hate me for that last time we shared the night together. i just couldn't bring myself to do it. not with you. not anymore. i have a faint glimmer of that feeling, but as the days go by it gets dimmer. i now see you in a different light. to touch you, to feel you, these are the things i can no longer do.

i know you blame me. you think i'm telling you lies. well i'm not. at least, not this time. i tried sleeping in your bed, but it did not contain the me you've come to know. he's not here anymore. i've told you time and time again. 

i'm not being egotistical. you broke me first. you have to go on without me. this is not retribution. it's just but the rational progression of things. i have other plans now. i have the world to see, to breathe, to touch.

i used to be a broken man. i'm at a different place now. i guess this is the best time for you to go find your pieces too. 

alternative title: an open letter to my ex.


thecuriouscat said...


imsonotconio said...

hugs too

Elias Jayson said...

go find those pieces and you shall be whole again.

wishing you luck.

Advent said...

hugs back. :)

hugs too, too. hehe

like what i said in my entry, i used to be broken. used to. meaning i've already found those pieces and i'm at that place where i'm already happy. i just hope my ex is happy too.

JR said...

Idol - hayaan mo na buuin ulit kita! hahaha pa kiss na nga lang sa pwet! :-)

Advent said...

bumuo na lang tayo ng baby...ay teka. hehe. anlaswa. di ko alam yang mga ganyang gawain... hahahha