Saturday, May 29, 2010

Color Me

i'm having some parts of the house painteD. for the life of me, i dislike doing house fixes. dislike is the operative word. i can. coz i'm macho like that.

but that is only if i want to. and i don't.

so anyway, i hired manong Joe from across the neighborhooD. i didn't know he'll bring Joe Junior. and boy was i surprised. i normally walk around the house in boxers and without a shirt on. again, macho right? but when i saw Joe Junior, i swear, i'm never walking half commando while he's around. damn bod he got. like he lives in a gym and just sidelines as his dad's go-fer boy (go fer this, go fer that). borderline lean and buff, which to me is just perfect.

and his facE. imagine Coco Martin skim it down 2 notches, bake him in the sun for 5 days. turn him over, and let sit for another 2. oh and give him a musky scent. dark and a little bit overwhelming to the olfactory nerves, but so damned sexy.

'anu pano niyo pu gusto tirahin to ser? (tara, sa kwarto. sabihin ko sayo pano..)

'gusto niyo pu ba pati yung sa likuran? (saang likuran? hindi ako bottom.)

'ser, wala naman po yung mga babae dito sa bahay no? alis lang kami ng t-shirt. ang inet e.' (your dad can keep it on. but for you, by all means! take it off! take it all off!)

the whole afternoon went on like this: him saying something, and me, answering him something lewd in my heaD.

on several instances, i could swear he was staring at mE. you know, that look.

-ers aren't really my thing. and i don't go for them straight ones. i have friends who go gaga for these types. i respect that. it's just not my thing. sabi nga sa Here Comes The Bride, that's so 70's. haha.

so my stance on -ers stand. but i dig all 9 inches of Coco. i'm dying to know if Joe Jr. measures up to the real deal. like a box of dark chocolate. you never know what you get! decisions, decisions. LOL. saying goes: you can't diss something until you've tried it.

let's just see how good he is at 'coloring'...ha!

see you next entrY.


fyi, this is my 49th post. i will be celebrating on the next one.

*edit: 49th entry doesn't mean all of 'em posted. dumb blonde me. sorry. 6 more to go.

ciao for now,


joelmcvie said...

Ooooooooooh ngyarap! Ask him to do finger painting. Ahahaha!

Advent said...

hahahaha. omg, magaling ako dun! LOL.

jp_cardinale said...

nakaka-el ang mga hot na -er. haha! =)

Désolé Boy said...

i remember that -er who did the tiling in our bathroom...
he's so hot...
turns out he has a crush on my female cuz =p

SOLTERO said...

shit! i have a thing for those - construction/handy men types.

nakakasakit yan ng ulo! ung dalawang ulo! ahahhaa :P

daniel said...

Wow! love this post..he sounds soo enticing haha : )

Advent said...

it depends din. di naman lahat. hehe

hehe. modus ata nila gumawa ng mga bahay at mang tempt. hehe

jan sa states oo naman. lahat ata sila masasarap. dito, swertihan. haha

i know, right? :)

Nimmy said...

kalanding bagets 'to! hahahaha.

share lang: i think i was in HS pa nung nangyari ito, I saw the two construction workers we hired to fix our garage showing their 'talong' to each other. hahaha. kakaloka un!

Greatkid_08 said...

Damn! Malibog k Rin pala idol? Nice...tinigasan ako ng.. Daliri.. Napacomment tuloy ako kahit iPhone gamit ko haha..

Peter said...

Didn't know you could write suggestive porn too! Bright future there. Looking forward to the next episode.

imsonotconio said...

go go go!!!!

Advent said...

malandi is a relative term. hehe.

tlaga? why were they showing it to each other? hehe.

hindi a. tama lang. hehe. tigasin ka daliri. hehe,. hmm...patingin nga? joke.

wait, this is not porn! it just happens to be titillating. haha.

im going, im going,. hehe

Nimmy said...

'di ko alam. topak mga un. I immediately closed the door nung nakita ko un. :)

ikotoki said...

Am big on some -ers. Haha! And some sales clerks. and hotsa guards. Haha

Advent said...

@nimmy: hehe

@ikotoki: wow. pero i have to admit, some of them are really hot. haha.