Monday, May 3, 2010

On The Market 2

as a follow up to this post, it seems it's too early for me to be in the markeT. they fired their guns but it seems all i got were blanks.

basket case just upped the antE. he sees me in the office regularly now. but he still lives up to his name. i've had met guys like him. guys with an unhealthy dose of self adulation. he calls me up a lot. and it always end up in phone sex. and god knows how ridiculous i feel after pretend sex.

i just can't help it though. he's attractive. i think i buy his arrogant confidence and find

clinical instructor was supposed to be one of those really good catcheS. we had this connection, this undeniable attraction. we were both stable. we had a promising thing going.

that was until he got drunk one nighT. really drunk.

his repressed side came ouT. he started mumbling how having everything isn't enough because no is there to take care of him. he started blabbing about how the nights are so cold. he started tearing up which then continued to loud, uncontrollable bawling. had i mentioned: in front of people? like a raving lunatic.

he screamed that he loves mE. and that he wants to be with me. that he wants me to take care of him.

i've never experienced this beforE. it's like one of those scenes in romantic comedies. except that i'm not finding the funny part. people were looking at us like i'm the world's biggest jerk and what i must have done to this poor soul.

oK... so that didn't end well. i must have read him wrong.

atom is a bit too young for my tastE. i was thinking of a term to call guys who are into younger guys and surprise, surprise, there isn't one yet. so let me coin this term: panthers. get it? you just want to get into them younger ones' pants? LOL. i'm just not ready for that yet. i've tried it before as an experiment. it didn't work then, it's not going to work now.

i'm setting my threshold, 3 years my junior would be iT. anything beyond that is a cradle. atom is 6 and a half years my junior. sigh.

...trouble is, he's starting to call me 'baby'.


so there. 3 prospects down to 2...or maybe 1. or zero. damn.


i went out again. the air hits my face and i feel a fresh chill.


ikotoki said...

way to go! :-)
btw, i didn't know there's a good place in morong.

imsonotconio said...

call him baby too


JR said...

Hmmm lumalayo ka pa kasi, andito naman kami nyahaha...darating din yan, sa cute mo na yan..dami ang maglalaway ahaha..sana nasa pinas ako ;-)

Advent said...

yep, check it out!

maybe i will.

hehehhe. tara, lika dito. maglawayan tayo. ang laswa pakinggan nun a. hehe

Bruce Kho said...

theyre called manthers