Sunday, April 18, 2010

On The Market

2 months since i decided to end our relationshiP. it's been 4 long weeks since i last saw my ex. different reasons came up every week. no withdrawal symptoms. i've never been more free.

it's been 4 years since i can say i'm on the markeT. not that i've never been tempted to dip my feet into the waters during that time. it's only now when i can do it without the creeping guilt.

so what have i been doing recentlY? i really didn't want to put myself out there until 6 months after our break up. so i was just living at the moment. just taking care of my  business. but you know what they say: when you are looking for something, it never arrives and yet when you are not, then they come.

the basket case
i met him in one of my classeS. he caught my eye. not really gorgeous, but enough to make you take a second look. tall and has a "band singer" aura. i was more of a substitute for their class so i didn't stay long. one of his classmates was really into me but i didn't take it seriously.

2 weeks later i got an anonymous texT. he introduced himself as BC. he asked if i still remember him. i do, but i said something along the lines of 'help me remember'.

we had conversations that ran for hourS. first impressions were broken down. new ones were formed. he has a girlfriend. but he wants me.

the clinical instructor
i was just winding down my day when i decided to log in downelinK. old school, i know. i was about to log out when i got this IM blinking. i didn't even know DL had an IM function. i first though it was one of those phishing scams. i clicked it anyway.

i got into one of the most interesting conversations i've had in ageS. a typical chat session for me ends when i grow tired of the asinine chatter on the other end of the line. mr. CI kept me hooked. he had a very good way with words. he managed to make jaded ol' me blush. me! of all people. i've seen/heard 'em all. but he was different.

checking him out, a pinoy beautY. sexy brown skin with matching soulful eyes. plus he's got that built i go nuts over.

he sounded very put togetheR. attraction point: same age as i am. i'm envious because at a considerably young age, he is already way more successful than i am.

for lack of  a creative monicker, i just decided to call him by the first person that came to my mind when i saw his pictures: Atom Araullo. a real dead ringer. 

funny how i met hiM. it was when i was about to quit the same downelink session i had with CI above. i have a weakness for boy next door looks. 

a culinary arts student who would be graduating this junE. first time he called me, i called him CI's name because i got the numbers mixed up. haha. but he was cool with it.

downside, he is 6 years my junioR. my threshold is 2 years. at least he doesn't sound childish. he is surprisingly more mature than BC above.


on some days, i ask myself if i'm ready for this agaiN. on some days, i ask myself what am i waiting for? this ride's going to be interesting. :)


Peter said...

Is it an oversupply or a lack of demand? Happy Sunday.

chichirya said...

Minsan the feeling of being wanted is priceless. Way to go, sir.

iurico said...

collect, collect and select... then deselect. :-)

Advent Child said...

i believe it's the latter. good week to you, monsieur.

hindi lang minsan. lagi. hehe. muah.

check.. check.. reject! then next! hehe.