Wednesday, April 14, 2010


all day today i've been seeing bald meN. some carry it well. some don't.

i just saw my dad the other day and boy was his hair one step away from leaving the buildinG. no, he's not bald. it's just really, really thinned out.

i have the misfortune of being born in a family with really thiN, limp hair. however, if there's one thing to be assured of, it's that the seniors never lost their hair. it just, well, thinned out. you know, where you see hair, but you also see some scalp.

i guess that is why over the yearS, i've been wandering the desert of differing hairstyles. today's 'do, tomorrow's mirage.

i have phalacrophobia: the fear of going bald. is that a bad thinG? 

so this entry is more of an ode to haiR. i was thinking if ever my hair goes the way of the dodo someday, at least, i'd have a scrapbook full of different looks i've tried over the years.

20-something years ago: starting at the tips
i was born with straight hair. then over the course of several yearS, in grade school, for some unknown reason, it suddenly turned curly. this fact, compounded with the fact that i inherited the thin hair strands so characteristic of my dad's side of the family, made my sense of identity non-existent. 

i hated my hair. in tagalog, manipis na nga, salot pa. LOL. i remember being in denial, trying everything i can to somehow straighten it out. at 12 i had this silly notion that if i sleep with a swim cap on (you know, those skintight rubber things?) i would wake up with straight hair. naive.

but i tried to compensate by other meanS. i must have tried every imaginable hair product known to man. gels, mousse, spritzers, shine vitamins, wax, hair clay... name the brand, i've tried it.

(aka PDV - public display of vanity)

5 years ago: who am i?
fast forward several years later to when i'm already workinG. i did not really know what to do with it. i decided to just let it be.

until i met my Puerto Rican suitor (he was one of the bosses from the States). he had really thick, kinky hair. and he grew it out! he made the suggestion to have me grow mine out too. 

silly, impressionable me decided to do sO. so from this:

to thiS...

4 years ago: awkward phase

yes, it's one gasp short of 'que horroR!'. haha.

what was i thinkinG? but still i kept growing it. fueled by the constant prodding of mr. puerto rico, i hang on to it. (due to the extremely disturbing nature of the horrendous hair here, i decided to black it out as much as i can.)

3 years ago: hey mon!
so i had to experimenT. that or die from shame. i tried doing cornrows 3 years ago. i felt so...different. finally. something that distinguished me from the flock. all thanks to the artistic and patient hands of my lovely sister.

take note: i wore it for 2 days, tops. that's my limit. i may like the look, but i'm not one to pass on hygienE.

on some days, i just tie it bacK.

2 years ago: age of science..

hair science that iS. ignorant that i am to anything done in such place called a "salon", i found out that you never have to carry the "curse" forever. haha. after a long dry (pun intended) spell, my hair finally was something to look at.




1 year ago: cut it...

there used to be a time when i consider a 50-pesos haircut exorbitanT. nowadays, 10x that is considered "normal". so, for the heck of it, i tried doing something different.

from something experimentaL...
 just plain brushed in fronT.

currently, i'm sticking with this look:


if so ever my hair goes away someday...will i be able to grin and bear iT? i want to be pessimistic about it, that way if ever it doesn't go away then i'll be pleasantly surprised. if it does, then at least i got ready. sigh.

maybe there will be an unforeseen factoR. who knows? science could be my mane's saviour yet again.

no matter what, i'm taking it one day at a time. i guess i'll just wait and see.


my hair and i, we had good times. :) 


chichirya said...

Some, if not most, bald men are hawt.

Nik_TheGreek said...

I agree. I find some people with shaved head really sexy.
I shouldn't worry that much if I were you.

Jedd said...

I had the most unruly hair for the longest time. Yung tipong not straight pero not curly naman. It went all over the place and I hated it. The best I could do with it was always keep it short.

Last August I accompanied a friend to a salon for his haircut. There he prodded me to get one too. I sat in one of the chairs and told the stylist (that's what they call them after all) to go for it.

He proceeded to cut and without asking me, plopped some goo on my head. I thought it was just some shampoo or some treatment crap. An hour later, surprise, I had FAAABBBUUULLOOUUSSS glossy straight hair.

I was awed. I thought you had to grow your hair super long first before you could get it done. That's why I never considered it cause it would have taken me months of hair hell first. Never again! Last month, I tried experimented with dark brown for the first time.

As for baldness and buzzed cuts, they say it looks best if your head is round enough. Yours looks plenty round enough, I think. So, no worries? :D

Mr. Brightside said...

I have the same issues with my hair and I got scared too of going bald at an early age. So I consulted a dermatologist, and she prescribed minoxidil, it apparently slows down the thinning of your hair and in some cases makes hair grow back in bald areas... hope this helps =D

Advent Child said...


hehe. thanks.

like what i said, science nowadays can work miracles. thanks for sharing your story. :)

@Mr. Brightside:
will look into that in a couple years. hehe. come what may.

iurico said...

I find shaved-head guys really appealing. Pero feeling ko hindi pwede sa akin kasi nagmumukha akong shaolin.

I love the new look that you're planning to keep. Sort of wind swept, justin beiber-ish 'do. hehe

and I soooo can relate about what used to be an exorbitant fee for a haircut, now seems like a reasonable price.

If ever you want to try other hairstyles, I can recommend Vincent of Vivere in Rob Galleria. He has been my stylist for 2 years when I was still in Manila.

iurico said...

and oh, I looooove the pic with the cornrow hairstyle. so hawt!

Advent Child said...

hehe. chinese ka pala. :)
thanks for the recommendation. i will check him out next time i need a haircut.

about the cornrow: yeah i loved it too.