Wednesday, April 21, 2010

School or Wheels?

a car or higher education?

a mazda or AGSB?

i've been mulling over which one i would be investing my hard earned money oN.

i was dead set on getting a post graduate degree later this year. i want to be the first in my family who will ever have one. it will be my proudest accomplishment.

however, it seems that almost all the signs around me are telling me to go get my own set of wheels. it's not as if i drool every time a colleague brandishes their newly acquired toy, but my life is in dire want of mobility.

both are wants.

nothing would be lost if i do not get either of the two. but i would most definitely gain a lot if i do. note: getting both is out of the picture. at least not anytime soon.

a post graduate degree can take me anywhere, literally. a car can take me anywhere, literally and figuratively.
advantage: wheels

a car can give me spatial freedom. a degree can give me financial freedom.
advantage: post grad

a car can boost my sexy points. a degree can boost my nerd factor.
advantage: car. unless, mr. right digs a sexy nerd, then it's a tie. haha.

post grad: spend now, earn later. a car: spend now, spend more later.
advantage: post grad

for a car, i have to give up my reliance on cab drivers. for a post grad, i would have to give up 2 years of my night life.
advantage: car

a post grad can (definitely) hurt my wallet. a car can (definitely) hurt my wallet and (possibly) hurt people (including me).
advantage: post grad

a car can make me happy. a post grad can make me happy.
advantage: it's a tie!

in other news, i really abhor the turn out of the Ampatuan murder trial. this, ladies and gentlemen, is like witnessing  Cirque du Corruptus and we got ringside seats! to DOJ secretary Agra, i ask you this: how can you sleep at night knowing that you let two of the worst offenders in Philippine history get off with a slap on the wrist while the families of the slain are still agonizing the tremendous loss?

i've seen the coverage of ANC of this and read all related is just utterly frustrating!

on a lighter note:
i'm going to Morong, Bataan this Friday with my kids.

i. wish. it. was. friday. NOW.


JR said...

Funny that I am in the dealer to get my car out from major service maintenance while reading your blog and I paid fuckin' $900 just to service my toy! damn it!

So I will go for a post grad - LOL.

Felipe said...

I vote for post grad as well. Magastos din ang car ha. Aside from gas, you'll have to pay for parking, oil change, and registration, among others. Something I realized when I bought my first car.

And then there's the part of choosing the most economical car, which is another concern.

Von_Draye said...

raises his hand for post grad...

eh kung may cute na classmate na mag offer ng ride sayo... ALWAYS...


Advent Child said...

@JR: wow. what a coincidence! 900 bucks? man, you could have the same service here in pinas for a fraction of the cost. hehe. ok, post grad: 1 vote. pero gusto ko rin ng toy! hehe.

@Felipe: yaiks. thanks for reminding me. hehe. post grad: 2 votes.

@VDraye: since you put it that way...i get the best of both worlds! haha. good one. ;)

Jedd said...

When I finally saved quite a sum of money, I spent it on a business investment: a couple of DSLR cameras, a whole bunch of lenses, strobes, gear, the works. I also upgraded to a Mac Pro. These things immediately made more money for me outside of my normal salary.

Put off the car if you can. Your first dough's job is to make more income for you. Don't spend your own hard earned cash on schtuff.

Advent Child said...

wow. that's great advise Jedd! thank you!

ikotoki said...

i go for the postgrad. gwapo ka na, sobrang pogi points na yan. saka na ang car.

Advent Child said...

haha. bolero!