Friday, April 9, 2010

Entertain Me

discordant thoughts folloW.

1. i love my joB. i love how it gives me the liberty to express myself. i love how it gives me the spotlight. i love how i get revered by people i've handled. i love how banking is simultaneously a challenge and a cakewalk. i love how i am able to bring out the best in people. i love the pay. i love them eye candy. i love the exclusivity.

2. i'm getting used to being stalkeD. i, the fear.

3.i've been watching for 6 seasons now, however i can not say i'm too much of an American Idol faN. ironic, huh? i watch it to see those who make utter fools of themselves. i love watching train wrecks.

4. i can never understand why people smokE. why burn your lungs to a cinder? why make your breath smell like a decomposing rat? why stain your teeth with nicotine? why make those tobacco tycoons richer? why risk abnormalities in your unborn child?

5. what works in porn doesn't translate well in real lifE...

6. my dear friend MV is sporting a basking gloW. i would have to say: Elle Woods was right. Endorphins really make happy faggies, faggier. wait, she didn't say it like that? oh, ok. something to that effect. but to MV: i envy your fresh-from-the-gym glow. just give me some time. i'll soon be invading that scene too!

7. i'll be in galera next weeK. . .


JR said...

hmmmm..we shared the same views and interest this parehas tayo cute nyahahaha sama ko sa galeraaaaaa!...ibalik nyo ako sa pinas! ooops OA..ha ha

Nimrod said...

The porn thing is so true... Hihi. :)

Advent Child said...

hmm..baka may pinahihiwatig ang kalawakan. heheh. where are you?

fantasy = can not be. borrow 1 from 2. hehe.

JR said...

@ AC..baka nga?? lol..dito ako ngayon nag-pahayop-hayop sa Isteyts - I used to work in a banking industry in the Philippines, ba't di tayo nagkita ;-)

iurico said...

what works in porn doesn't translate well in real lifE...

Unless you guys are talking about the super gross porn, I think you're just doing it the wrong way. hahahahaha

Advent Child said...

ah, cool! musta jan?

ewan ko ba. ang liit liit naman ng pilipinas. hehe

no, even the, uhm, regular ones. you got to take into consideration that it's all about the angles for the cameras. so there. hehe.