Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mad Strings 2: On Call

it doesn't matter who starts iT. you could be horny, or curious how he sounds when he moans, or just in need of a release. come on, admit it, you're just playing along, right? curious as to what nasty thing the other guy on the line would say to you,, aren't you? on rare occasions, when you get a guy who is so into it, you give in.

motioN. you start touching yourself. groovin' to the beat of his guttural moans. it gets faster and faster, or slow and deliberate. like a wave crashing back and forth. 

both of you start doing brush strokes on a canvaS. subject: anatomy.  you create the atmosphere, the venue, the circumstance for this encounter. 

he then talks about taking you so forcefully, you end up black and blue lateR. but who cares, right? illusory soreness go away at the speed of thought. you let go of your inhibitions and start mind fucking him from here 'til sunday.

your pulse starts to risE. you can feel your muscles tense. you tell each other how close you are to the edge. each one trying to out-moan the other.

he tries to catch his breath as it erupts over hiM. you drench yourself in your love. 

spenT. sometimes the best sex, happens in the mind. you hang up. you then wipe away the imaginary spoil. no matter which way it goes, you always end up feeling silly on the inside.

aka, S.O.P.s


lee said...

sop. just not my thing. i could not finish my one and only experience.

i just had to laugh hard. and yeah, i felt silly after lol

Advent Child said...

sometimes i ask why even bother? hehe