Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beach Mode cont.

it's raining agaiN. after a lengthy hiatus, im back to writing.


morong was a breath of fresh aiR. i wasn't expecting anything when we set out. but when we got there i got surprised. i always thought that beaches in Luzon are just rocky, dark brown and altogether ho hum affairs. well morong is a bit ho hum (haha) but it has light brown, near white, and very fine sands. the type you could sink your feet into.

getting there was an adventure in itselF. i got to ride with our deliciously hunky but unquestionably straight Division Manager, Tor. good thing i didn't volunteer to drive. his Ford pick up was a monster. and the length of time it took us to get there was hell.

to get to morong, you have 2 optionS. via SBMA or the ridiculously crazy long and winding road passing by Bagac, Bataan. we made a wrong turn somewhere so lo and behold we took the latter. did i say winding? i meant obnoxious turns that would put baguio to shame.  thank god for GPS (which all Ford pickups come with by default) we were able to make it through.

it took us 4 hours to get therE. but the trip was worth it. they had all you'd expect for facilities. nothing really fancy, but they are all there.

we arrived around 8pM. just a perfect humid night without a cloud in sight. a great time to get down and crazy/tipsy.

and that we did and more...

we stayed up all the way, til people dropped like flies around 6aM. haha.

good timeS.

i really recommend the place (Coral View).

and to be a bit on the conservative side, i just made a collage of a very small fraction of the hundreds of pictures that we tooK. some of them are really revealing so to protect my kids, i'd just keep them in my hard drive. hehe.

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