Thursday, May 27, 2010


the cab i rode today had spiders. 10 fucking huge spiders.......

made of plastic.

haha, funny manong. so funny i wanna slam your head on the dashboard.

the initial shock sent me on a crazed fit. i almost flung my crazy expensive phone at 'em (they were stuck to the back window). for a moment there, i swear, i thought they were real. 

i have an abnormally low level of tolerance for anything with 6 legs. specifically, ANY of the bajillion insects crawling on the face of this earth. 

man, i can deal with rats. read: grotesquely huge, disease-from-the-sewer-laden rodents. i can touch them, pound them to a bloody pulp, complete with splatters on the wall, without being revolted. i somehow find this macabrely fascinating. as a finisher, i can even fling them at you! 

you know, coz i'm macho like that. 

but don't you ever, EVER, start me with the cockroaches. even the itty bitty tiny ones (they're the grossest).


in other news, look outside your window. see them dark clouds? they're finally here! my second least favorite season of the year! (2nd daw o, ilan lang ba naman meron sa tropics?).

that is because in advent's (my) calendar, there are three seasons in the Philippines: 

Feb - May: the dry - best depicted by gyrating, enticing, sexy male bodies on the beach that i wish i have (in due time). 

Jun - August: the rainy - best depicted by the grumbling, shivering, disgruntled advent who can not go out and party because he's wet. 

and Sept - Jan: the christmas season: best depicted by a grinning, splurging, and stupidly happy advent.

guess which one is my fave? hehe.


Nimmy said...

hahaha. cokroach ako, so are you scared of me> :)

Advent said...

corz not. just the insect kind. :)

Eternal Wanderer... said...

i abhor roaches, especially the flying kind.


SOLTERO said...

aww i have arachnophobia too..but idespise snakes more.. and oh, flying cockroaches! damn!

arkin said...

i hate cockroaches before too. the fear has to end when we were required to dissect them in class. haha. gah, eew.

Désolé Boy said...

hate them..roaches!!!
i can scream like a terrified little girl coz of them..

the funny thing is i once played a cockroach role(all the characters are actually 'ipis')for a theater prod..hehe

Advent said...

@Eternal Wanderer:
join the club

i can handle snakes. the bigger the better! oh wait, what snakes are we talking about again?

yuckie! buti na lang di ako nag pre med. i would barf on the table. eew. thanks for sharing though. ako i'll never get over it. haha

@desole boy:
ironic no? hehe. ako kahit costume, no way. hehe.

imsonotconio said...

arachnophobia na ba ito?

Advent said...


as in.