Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three Six Oh

the week had been quite eventful for me. life is what happens when you've made plans...for blogging. in short, life is the blog killer. ha.


i've been avoiding the call of the "wild" lately. i've been shunning invites to go out. i feel that it's about time i reevaluate myself and think of what i really need. going out brings out the unbridled, the crazy, and the defiant old me. should i think about settling down?

yaiks. wag muna.


there's no spectacle more similar to the circus than the office rumor mill. admit it. it's the forbidden spice. it's the splash of color that replaces what office politics drain away. can't live with it, can't live without it.

anyway, the latest bombshell in the office would be one of the managers having a leaked nude photo. one that leaves so much less to the imagination. apparently it was posted on Pinoy Exchange by a fuming ex of his who felt betrayed. said manager has the penchant for chasing anything wearing a skirt. the picture showed him nekkid (all the way, haha!) with the full moon beaming.

i've been bumping into him everyday. good thing we don't really have much to talk about. otherwise i imagine something along the lines of "so, how's you pwet, i mean, team?"


song best describes what i'm into lately: Feelin' Good.


it's so uplifting to hear a compliment on how you look just at that exact moment at the end of your day where you feel like you got run over by a truck and the only thing keeping your eyelids open is that deadline you have to meet the next day.

and to top it, it came from an office beauty. i didn't see that coming. but hey thanks, miss (name withheld).!


i LOVE Pancake House. the chicken, the roast beef, the waffles, the pancakes (duh), the salad...

especially now that they have a new line of pastas. the one to die for would be the one with the fancy shcmancy name i forgot but it's with tomato sauce and shiitake mushrooms.


have i told you i love shiitake mushrooms? drenched in vinaigrette, oooooh. orgasmic.


i've been spending so much time with my new baby. her name? Xbox. last name: 360. nonstop! videogames nowadays have evolved to such mindblowingly realism, it's now a multi billion industry rivaling the movies.

yep i'm a nerd. a nerd who can whip your ass from here til sunday on any game you choose.


have an orgasmic weekend!


nimmy said...

pak! have a phenomenal jaw dropping weekend to you! :)

Advent said...

thanks! you too!

Felipe said...

cute ba si naked manager? hihihihihi

Eternal Wanderer... said...

what's orgasmic?


imsonotconio said...

wht happened with teh cute constru?


Advent said...

let's just say hindi sya makakakuha ng mga babae nya kung chaka sya. hehe

hmm...di ko rin alam! wanna find out? ;)

wala naman entry coming up. hehe.