Saturday, July 3, 2010

Howling Sucker

similar to the Pacquiao phenomenon (no crimes during his fights), expect this Saturday and Sunday to have the Edward/Jacob phenomenon.

instead of having no crimes, there would be zero sales from girl shoppers these days. establishments, you are warned! your store is lucky if you cater to both sexes, but if you only cater to the fairer sex, might as well close shop for the weekend. your clientele are all too busy analyzing frame by frame this supposed "like, the best movie of all time evarr!" to even bother shopping for themselves.


i've often wondered about that idiom, them girls being called the fairer sex. are just...fair? lol. how bout for my kin? don't worry, brothers-in-arms, i dub us as the fairest (fairiest?) sex.


expect to see movie houses in the Metro packed to the rafters this long weekend (long weekend for me, i follow US holidays).

anyways, here's a little something i did in the office while passing idle time by.

Advent's Eclipse queer pie chart:

a. you've read the book, you've bought the soundtrack/posters/whatnots,
you have a shrine dedicated to Stephanie Meyer, you are the president of
the Twi-hards fan club, Manila branch, and have probably camped
outside the theater days prior to showing, just so that you are
the first in line.

b. you are an obsessed little 12 year old girl trapped in that body of yours

c. you don't want to be left out, "hey, everybody's doing it! might
as well..."

d. you want to see it for the superb acting and the soul searing 
scriptwriting that speaks to your very core...right.

e. Jacob's ABS. 'nuff said


where do you fall under?


can't say i wouldn't be watching though. i can not be squeamish about balot/isaw/betamax/adidas/insert-hideous-food here and pretend to act like i'm puking everytime a friend of mine eats it in front of me. why?

because i haven't tried it. ever!

my mantra is simple. one can not diss/lambast/loathe/scourge/pillage/vilify/abhor/destroy...or simply put, hate on something IF one hasn't tried it himself.


that is why while my sister was away in the US, i snuck out her collection of Twilight books to read the entire thing...


stop the presses! it's utter crap.


have a good weekend everyone!


JR said...

My exGF is addicted to Twighligt too pero I pretented to be not interested coz its a girl thingy pero truth is, hayuf sa ganda talaga ang abs ni fafa Jacob! (pinanood ko rin!) hahaha

Eternal Wanderer... said...

i tried reading the series, but i gave up on book three.

i couldn't stand the constant whining of bella.


Jaytee said...

Not even the eye candy that jacob provides could ever make me follow this series, and thats saying lot.

Advent said...

ahahaha. kala nya napilit ka lang nya sumama sa sinehan. yun pala, may motibo.

i know, right?

hehe. score for us anti-Twinatics!

Leo said...

i've just seen the movie. to be honest, I'm a letter E. however, I hate it when Bella has to chose his guy. Ano yun? Siya na lang ang maganda sa mundo? Kaasar kaya.

Peter said...

Utter crap as you said. Bad to worse.

victor said...

Crap. Bollocks. Nonsense. Twilight-bashing should come second-nature to everyone.

Advent said...

ahaha. yan kasi ang ambisyon ng sankababaihan. pag agawan ng nag ga gwapuhang lalake...kahit di mga tao, basta gwapo. haha.


not to the legion of twi-hards. hehe

ikotoki said...

abs fest i like! haha

wanderingcommuter said...

nyahahaha. this really made me smile. :)

with regard to the question,no comment. lol

Advent said...

hehe. bring kanin.