Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh My Gawd

stop the presseS! i have to make this really life changing decision. one so important, so relevant, so ... relevantly important (haha).

do i or do i not get the Gold passes to Raymond vs. Raymond aka the Usher concert?!?!


one time nya lang alisin shirt niya, solve na ko. lol


come to think of it, gold is still too far for my liking. i would have wanted to get the moshpit tickets, but they're sold out. i wanted to be so close, my face would be covered in his spit.

and in my deepest, burliest, manliest, guttural,voice shout: usher pare, i love you! marry me! lol. i just want to give him a gay out moment and see how he reacts.


damn, i have until tonight to decide.


i guess this will help me decide.

don't you just love 3:21 in? :)


JR said...

bili na! dont miss this chance fafa! kantahan mo si usher ;-)

Advent said...

i think i will. anong kanta kaya? anong mic gagamitin ko? heheh.

Nimmy said...

you go gurl! :)

Advent said...

haha. gurl talaga?

Jake said...

Go na! Washboard abs pa lang ni Fafa Usher, ulam na!

Advent said...

fafa tlaga.