Sunday, December 12, 2010

Part Time Show Off

why do we bother going to these parties? simple. we have the yearning to be seen in our best. doesn't matter what the original intention was. all people want is to be noticed/admired/deified. everything is so superficial.

damn, i hate parties.


that is not to say that i am not going though.


one of my pet peeves is a theme lacking in imagination. one of my friends said theirs was: Wear Red. LOL. it probably took, what? a year to conceptualize that.

tonight, i'm coming in a 3 piece suit. Oscar's Awards Night...2 steps above whoa, stupid; a half step above unimaginative; and 3 steps below amazing. so so.


i've never been the "look at me!" type, but tonight, damn i'm gonna kill it. LOL.


what is your company's theme this year and what rating do you give to it?


imsonotconio said...

--- this guy is using ur pic, check it out.. im about to report him if this is not u

V1nC3 said...

Lolz @ Wear Red... Fortunately, I get to decide what's this year's theme for our group/unit. I already have something in mind though. But I'm still looking forward for people to post their most creative answers to your question - baka may mas better. typical Pinoy of me! Hahaha.

Advent said...

OMG...whoa. that is sooo not me. first, im not a virgo and second, im not hot...haha. pero seriously, that is messed up! thanks for the heads up.

daniel said...

You really look good at it. I can just imagine : )

Merry Christmas : )

wanderingcommuter said...

a genius colleague proposed cowboy and indian theme, and the SMARTER boss, AGREED!

cowboy and indian theme in a christmas party, how cool is that??! argh!

Ryt said...

for our college party, we had black and white as our theme. Kamusta naman yun. pero yeah, mas weird parn yung kay wandering commuter.haha