Monday, February 27, 2012

So I Should Know

the weekend went by in such a flaSh. it was pretty uneventful. my bf had his driving lessons and i went to the derma for my usual (vAnity attack).


pet peeve #456:
on twitter, facebook or pretty much any site you can upload pictures: posting a pic of yours and saying you look haggard heRe when in fact, prior to taking the pic, you did the following: you went to the restroom, washed your face, applied your moisturizer and toner, dabbed a little bit of the magic thingy that makes the evil oiliness Go away, winked, stepped out then aimed the camera at the most flattering angle, then took the pic (in no particular order). you then go upload your pic then put a caption that is opposite of what you look like.

example (since i can't grab the pic of my twitter followers who do this a lot, i would just use me as a sample)

OMG. I'm like so haggard and so tired. LOLZ.
(or any variation of this caption)
*ok so my pic may not be a good example because 1. i forgot to dab a bit of that magic thingy so the evil oiliness goes away, 2. i'm not in the gym (haha).

the only goal? to get replies that say: "but, but you look so damned cute here!" or "i wanna eat you up!" or "wow, if that's how you look tired, what more when you are well rested?"

false modesty is annoying. stop it.


on a random note, last Saturday when i hAd my derma appointment, i saw another client of the clinic who was grandstanding at the lobby: "make sure my Facial only lasts exactly 45 minutes. not a minute more, i can not just lie there and waste my time. i have to go elsewhere." wow. just wow.

lAter I found out it was Senator Pimentel.

go, girl! haha.


it was a grey and wet Monday morning.

there goes our supposed start of summer. the weather is acting really weird, ain't it? it's Like we don't have any seasons anymore - it would be just hot or rainy...on any given day.

it's more fun in the Philippines.


good vibes! happy monday.


Eternal Wanderer... said...

saraa = assar?

your random caps are driving me bonkers!!!


Advent said...

be careful what you try to decypher.... ;-)