Wednesday, October 20, 2010


i got a nasty "paper" cut from the pint of Selecta Strawberry Ice Cream's tin foil. can you believe it? tin foil! those things are deadly!

at first I didn't notice it, sabi ko pa sa mga trainees ko: "Wow ang red naman nito" only to find out... haha. i almost fainted on my way to the clinic 'coz it was oozing (blood mortifies me). to think I almost sucked on it. Vampire Diaries much?


it's official. i have a new collection/obsession.

i am a tie person. tie, as in you know,


although i have some from way back, i'm not really a big fan of the fat ones. the skinny ones are ok, but i gotta say, i love my slim ones the most. i've noticed that over the past few months, my collection has grown to a considerable amount. anything that occupies more than 10% of my closet is deemed considerable. and to think they are just ties!

i got them from all over. department stores, boutiques, flea markets, upscale establishments abroad... from dirt cheap (but trendy) to nosebleedingly expensive (think designer) ones.

i got a whole spectrum of colors. colors that becklettes/thunderbecks would have a field day trying to identify the color (periwinkle? mauve? burnt sienna?).  heck, at this point i could "out-color" a rainbow. and i've only just begun. ha!

now i just know there is a Freudian theory out there that best explains the psychoanalytical aspect of this obsession, but fuck whatever that is!

i love my ties.


Wednesdays=hump of the week. Happy humping! :)


Nimmy said...

eeeeeeek dugo! hindi ko bet ang sight nyan!

happy humping! ahahaha

Advent said...

hehe. i know right!

btw, i fixed this erring entry. i was shocked to see it with all those crazy lines. messed up! so ito, fixed na. thanks for reading through it pa rin. haha.

hondafanboi said...

don't we all have obsessions of sort?

funny lang is when someone mentions paper cut... i always remember bella. but then again i like jacob better than edward... and screw bella for toying.

Advent said...

yup we do, honda. what is yours?

team jacob for the win! hahahha. ayoko ng lalaking mas makapal pa ang foundation sa babae. hehe.

VICTOR said...

If I had been more serious about how I look, I would have been obssessed with ties, too. Ties save you a lot of dough on shirts. :D

Advent said...

hmm..interesting take on it. for me the opposite happens. i tend to spend MORE on long sleeved shirts. i have this obsessive compulsive drive to make sure the shirt is in a complementary color...that and i have to make sure i get to wear it only once every quarter. yup. madness. that's me.