Friday, February 25, 2011

Mad Strings 10: The Reverb

two weeks after the silent storm and i found myself on a shore. i'm not sure where this is, but this new land i'm trekking seems pristine, yet it echoes of familiarity. i suddenly have this surge of energy. "walk, Advent.", it prodded." just walk". and so i skimmed the coastline. the beach looks promising, but the forest over yonder glow like tiger eyes. and i caught myself, smiling in mid leap.

have i told you about my knack for wrestling tigers? no? ok, then. here we go...


do you have this predisposition to always fall for the wrong person? join the club. somehow, someway, i always get those who are: in relationships, just got out of a relationship, can't get over a relationship...bah! i already checked the mirror several times. do i have a look that scream: come get me, you dick baits?! di naman. do i have a magnetic effect to these tortured souls? do i scream: "sanctuary! come hither!" masokista ba ko? baka.


i have not experienced the "joys" of having a hangover. ever. seriously. when my friends and i go out for a bacchanalian night and i go drink 'til we get so smashed it's not even funny, the next day, i'm fine while all my silly friends are nursing a throbbing head (yung sa taas).

i guess my body is just "engineered" that way.

so here i am several weeks later, back to my cheery 'ol self. i bounce back easily. too easily in fact, i think it's kinda eerie. correlation to my lack of hangovers? maybe.

or maybe i just have a very efficient defense mechanism.(hmm...a topic for another post. pwede.)


for all its worth, Happy EDSA revolution day. or whatever the holiday is called. we have come a long way from the ways of old, but somehow not far enough. change comes not from the government and who sits on the chair of power. do i want to contribute? well, hell yeah! but have i done anything for the society? let me get back to you on that.


c - e - i - b - o - h said...

"change comes not from the government and who sits on the chair of power",, well, somehow it makes sense but sometimes, it's necessary.. (from where i'm coming from.. hihi)

happy weekends!

Anonymous said...

i can relate with the post on attracting relationships that are for the trash bin....he, he, he....

would love to have a face to face conversation with a prolific writer like you!

your fan from land of pomelos and durians

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog now and haven't really read anything yet. Just checked out the pics and, I must say, you're quite good looking. You probably get that often but I haven't said it to you yet so I still thought I'd let you know.

Keeping my anonymity first. But if by some freak "gut feeling" and you decide that you want to get to know who I am, let me know.