Friday, February 4, 2011

Schisms 1

so i manned up. i took the plunge. i told him all i felt. well, almost all. i didn't want him to think i'm bordering on obsession.

the result?

major fail.

this guy i was so head over heels in "love" with, turns out to be a major dick bait. he gave me all these signals. heck, he even went out with me on 3 dates. things went down. feelings...pants...everything.

and what do i find out?

he just hooked up again with his ex over the weekend.


dick baits abound nowadays. i should know...i've been one. damn hurts pala to be on the receiving end. karma, much?


so i wore my heart out on my sleeve and this is what i get.


at this point in the game...i've learned the art of ambivalence. yeah. i cry. but only on the inside. 

boohoos while the world's smallest violin plays. (haha! whoever can tell me where this line came from gets a special cookie!)

and then i smile because i knew for a fact that i tried. i'm one of those guys who's all about the journey, not the destination. and boy, was the ride good, and the view, scenic.


oh well. next! here i go again. i wonder what does life have in store for me?


a mega post coming up. oh and enough about dicks. haha. time for some introspection and other matters. not everything is about the heart, right?

see ya.


Jedd said...

the answer is mr. krab. you owe me a cookie now. i prefer chewy raisin oatmeal

Prop said...

Good for you that you are strong, you can move on... hope you find soon the one in store for you =D

V1nC3 said...

For all you know, the one you've been longing for, is right under ur nose. So smile more often. =)

Advent said...

great! claim your cookie from me! hahha

thank you.

hopefully not literally. haha. but yeah. thanks!

V1nC3 said...

Of course. That'd be gross!! Hahaha. Btw, allow me to link you up ah. Hope uu dnt mind. Thanks..

Advent said...

by all means. :)

King_Gael said...

Love your writings/manifestos. A real pleasure and a relief after a hard day's work at the office.

Consider me a fan from the land of durians and pomelos!