Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dangerous Times

and here i was going into my so called austerity measures. i've been a taxi rider for the past 4 years. i know no other means of transportation. that was until i've learned that mofo taxi cabs are raising the flag down AS WELL AS the per kilometer fare. doing the math, i would be spending 450 pesos per day on transportation alone. considering i am a bottomless pit of hunger, i would spend 300 pesos at least on food. and that is on a "i don't feel like eating" day.


so i decided to swallow my elitist pride and decided to take on buses. yes, those same behemoths that i curse because of their reckless abandon on the road. lo and behold, i got to know aircon buses. new ones at that! with fancy seats, flat screen tvs, surround sound system. the works. this other day, i got on one that was showing a movie that is yet to be shown in cinemas. damn! what rock have i been sleeping under? ha.


so i had been on this discipline thing for 2 weeks now. i realized, i've been saving a lot. who knows, i might just be able to get that car of my dreams this year if i keep this up.


and then tragedy.

if countries have a face, the Philippines would be so covered in sooth and grime, even it's own mother would be aghast to look at it.

i feel for the family of the victims of this violence. they who were going about their lives, ordinary, helpless, no beef with the terrorists.

why does this kind of evil exist?

and i don't see the logic that form in their twisted heads. they have a vendetta with the government, yet they prey on the hapless citizens. why not just go straight to the root of their war? bomb the f* out of each other! let them throw their volley of explosives against those in power, the moneyed, landed gentry, the military. let them snuff each other out. that way, they help the country...terrorists and crocodiles end up in flames.


let's pray not only for the victims, but also for this country. 

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