Saturday, February 5, 2011

Schisms 2

enough of the dreary news, time to switch it up a bit.

in other news...

my family just had a reunion. we hail from the hometown of the first parliament, Cavite.

it was a blast. the last time i was in Cavite was over a decade ago. back then, i was a confused little boy. haha. it was such a breath of fresh air being able to spend time with people who love you for who you are and not what you want them to love you as. it was crazy/fun. Water Park in Kawit is worth checking out. oh, just don't mind the construction going on. the place is pricy, but it's worth it. plus it's Josephine's. you can not go wrong with their food.


we spent a night at the resort. actually this is more of just a primer for a bigger party this coming Saturday. my lola has reached the veritable age of 85 and there's going to be a grand celebration. this middle of the week tryst at the Water Park is just R and R for the immediate family. intimate, i guess is the best word.

the next day we headed out to explore the rest of the city. we checked up on one of the houses we were having renovated for leasing. anyone from Cavite here? do me a favor and answer this: would you know the going rate for leasing houses? i'm trying to find a sweet spot on how much to charge tenants. it's a bungalow type of house, 200 sq. m with a two car garage. i know, Cavite before was a second rate city, but nowadays, it's fast becoming a boom town.


oh and we soaked up on some bit of history along the way as well. we went to aguinaldo's mansio...i mean house. man, i didn't know that this guy was loaded! damn, his house is way too old-world-fancy. i loved it! if i'm going to fashion my dream house, it's going to be contemporary minimalist mixed with old school architectural sensibilities.

damn, this house is old!

this hallway had it coming.
pose-friendly hallways,
watch out! haha.
ridiculously huge house, complete with a
bell tower!
love, love, love, the old world
furnitures. would love to have a
house like this.


This way to Narnia.
Click to enlarge.


i learned something new about my sister R, on this trip. she told me that she had a fascination of hidden passages. i remember, all those years back, while we were growing up, we always played Narnia-esque, The Secret Garden-like make-believe games. guided tours are for squares! we broke off from the group and did a little exploring of our own.

Sneaking around the old house
guilt filled fun

the creepy, psycho ward-like

gotta get proof. hehe

this is a shot of the highest window
in the house. can you believe this
house has 7 floors? crazy!

Lara Croft, pinoy style. hehe.


getting a dose of history was a welcome experience. it put things into perspective. to me, things that may appear dire now, may just be a mere echo in the future. and that echo may actually lead you to something greater. i've learned to see my life in another light.


i love my family to bits! :)


Prop said...

I lived in cavite for quite a time but I never had a chance to visit the Aguinaldo house, darn... hehe, by the way is it always open like anytime you want you can visit there? how much is the fee? thanks!

Nice pics! =D

Advent said...

i think only during the day. there is no fee, you just make a "donation".