Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In This Song

hello, my name is Advent, and i'm a sing-a-holic.


i think i may have an addiction to videoke barS. there! i admitted it! can we sing now?!
(starts fidgeting.)


i'm a Videoke bar connioseur. i know every single one in the metro. ask me.


sometimes, when i'm bored, i see lyrics underneath people when they talk to mE.


sometimes, i score minor daily achievements on a 1-100 scalE. seeing a cute guy walk by: 80!; cute guy giving me a look back: 85!; he, getting my number: 95!; being asked to go out: you are a fantastic singer!


do you know that entering 3-4-1-0, you get Total Eclipse of the Heart every single time, no matter which KTV you go tO?


oh g-d, i think i'm about to break into a sonG.


Aris said...

haha! nice post. natuwa ako rito. :)

Nimmy said...

hahaha. masubukan nga ung 3410. :)

JR said...

Di ko gets ang 3410? slow ba ako? hahaha But damn, I am a videoke addict myself, so baduy! hahaha though I am a frustrated singer! pero sa ibang kantahan, mapapalaban ka ;-)

daniel said...

Haha! Thats funny. I bet u can get any guy, ur cute hehe : ) peace!

Advent said...

wow. first time ka lang nag comment dito sa pahina ko a. hehe. glad to hear that. :)

95% of the time, tama yan! hehe. msg mo ko kung mali. aalamin ko sang KTV yan. ahha

dito kasi sa pinas we key in the numbers sa KTV. code yun ng T.E.O.T.H. :) btw, did you just say it's baduy? are you saying i'm baduy (grows green, about to burst into the incredible singing hulk. haha)

shucks. im blushing. but thanks! i saw your pic on your profile. you're cute too! :)

roel said...

videoke addict here as well :) have u been to small vidoke bars around manila where PLU's hang out? :)

Advent said...

no, not yet roel.
i go to the, ahem, straight ones. hehe. san ba meron?

roel said...

hehehe... wait we might not be talking about the same type of bars. what i frequent to are like videoke/comedy bars with gays in drag as host though me mga pamhintang hosts din:) been to bar uno in QC or Lettuz n pepper in mla? 99% of the crowd are gays :)

imsonotconio said...

omg kabisado ung numberhmmmmm

Advent said...

i've been to Uno, pero not Lettuz. ma check nga.

naman. hehe.

Mac Callister said...

really???wow salamat sa info hahaha.i like singing too kaso ayaw sakin ng singing!nyahaha!

Advent said...


check it out! hehehe

Mr. Brightside said...

I heart videoke... 8222 - Mr. brightside by The killers... hehe

Advent said...

@Mr Brightside:
yup, another videoke staple. hehe