Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Smoke and Mirrors

"Ricky Martin: I'm a fortunate homosexual man."

don't tell me you didn't see that cominG. what, having 2 kids through artificial insemination and surrogacy didn't tip you off?

i knew it the first time he shook his bon boN.

i just find it surprising how most of my girl friends and some straight male friends were in a state of collective shock/disbelief because of this "revelatioN".

to me, it's like Eric Quizon, Piolo Pascual, Uma Khuni (sp?), Paolo Ballesteros, Eric Santos, and a whole slew of other "manly men", holding a press conference on national TV admitting that they are all rainbow colored goddesseS. Hindi nga??! /sarcasm

i remember coming out to my moM. it wasn't as theatrical as i imagined it would bE. it was just me uttering those two words every straight laced parent dread to hear. i've come up with scenarios in my head as to what level of hysteria my mom would be in. i even went as far as planning the blocking. where i would stand mattered, if a projectile came my way, i have room to maneouver.

but all she said was, "i know" and the look in her eyes told me that everything's going to be alrighT. and after that, it was easy.

in hindsight, i didn't really come out to my daD. he just got it from my ever lovable telegraph of a mom. he gave me the silent treatment for a month but he warmed up soon after.

what was surprisingly difficult was inadvertently coming out to my relativeS. i didn't really plan on doing so, but our chismosa household help (who's no longer with us, thank god!), slipped up. spilling the beans to one of my chismosa titas in the process. it's true what they say: walls have ears. mukha kasi syang dingding!

what made it awkward was the fact that most of relatives think i am just in a "phase". they never cease with the "when are you going to get married?", and the "let me hook you up with mare/pare's daughter".

my pet peeve? patronizing me with "sayang ka".

i guess what it taught me was that people who care about you a lot can look past the reflecting pool; those who care less are scandalized by what they see and it serves as fodder for their incessant need for something or someone to judge.


no matter how late he did it, i commend Ricky for embracing his truth. in a world of bigots and intolerant fools, all we have is our truth. what we do with it is up to us. let them give me hell, it doesn't matter. i just keep my head held high. in that, i win.


Nimrod said...

i applaud his strength to come OUT.. kakaloka ang mag-come out to the family pero to the whole world, ibang level na un. :)

Advent Child said...

exactly the point. it's akin to multiplying our rumor mongering aunties by a hundred thousand.

Jedd said...

It would have been funnier if your mom said "Hindi nga??! /sarcasm" when you told her you're gay.

The first thing I thought when I caught the news on TV was, "finally!"

chichirya said...

Feel na nya ang giling giling nya dati pa.

Felipe said...

and i say.... "you go girlfriend!"