Friday, March 26, 2010


a blogger friend asked me: what's your slant on your new bloG? at first i didn't really catch his drift. he explained, what persona are you gonna have?

got me thinkinG. i've always known that people blog as an escape. a hedonistic break away from sordid reality. i used to see it that way.

notice how tons of blog out there on the web try be the next big kahuna by having this or that gimmicK?

if it was the old me, i'd say something along these lineS:
i just want to fuck you. a mind fuck, that is. one so satisfying, it leaves us both spent. each entry would be a different position, disparate and climactic. afterwhich, we can both go our separate ways. no strings attached.

how's that for a slanT? nah. too much effort. and besides, it would be a monumental task to keep that up. eventually, it fizzles out because it's not inherent.

i won't try as hard as i did when i was little boy bloggeR. in fact, i just want to let my hair down for a change. all i want is safe cove for my thoughts and my creations.

one of my realizations after a lengthy affair with blogging is that we come up with little voices in our head as we writE. sometimes, this is one "voice" you do not really use in your real life. it may be fascinating at first. but then it gets stale.

i'll use the real onE. the one most people seldom get to hear.

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helloitsmyworld said...

'all i want is a safe cove for my thoughts and my creations.'

well said. dont we all. :)