Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project: Body

get a female trainer. = good

getting a trainer who's an Alagad* . = even better!

words of wisdom from my friend, MV.

im laying out my plans to once again sign up for a gym membershiP. i have been thinking about it. getting a male trainer would only make me distracted. i've done it before and it was a complete and utter failure. the gym going, that is. as for the instructor, he was an animal in bed. 'twas good while it lasted. ;)

but that was over 5 years agO. to dodge temptation, i'm resolved in doing it differently this timE. day 1 for MV and operation alagad is already doing wonders for him. there were no inhibitions, no uneasy moments, no awkward actions, no facades...

most importantlY: no sex thoughts! (shudders. see *)

the things are set in motioN. my goal: beach worthy body by summer next year.

*Alagad ni Aiza a.k.a. Lulus, lesbianesians, leslies...


Nimrod said...

nice! post-gym bod should be shared.. ahihi

Advent Child said...

thanks. we'll see. ;)

chichirya said...

lol. i enjoyed backtracking your posts