Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bonfire of the Vanities pt. 2

'kaliwa po'. i told the cab driver.

he points to the left and says 'ditO?' (no, point your finger upward and then i'll say 'oo').

'sa may grocerY?' he asks again.(the grocery's on the right wing).

'no, that's on the other sidE'. i quipped.

'kaya nga, dito sa grocerY'. then he makes a left.

oh boy. i love banter like thiS. *mimics* blowing my head off with a thumb and index finger gun.

however, seeing it's facade takes my slight annoyance awaY. i love going to the Mall of Asia. i'm it's biggest fanboy. it's by far the best mall we have in the metro. not the prettiest, but still the best. biased much? maybe because i live in the south which makes it easy access for me.

this mall had also been a witness to several trysts i have haD. from theatrical break ups (plural) and un-breaks (plural) with Lumux (love of my life. now an ex-), to the unfaithful escapades with the Prince, to deviant days with Bed boy... but i digress. those are entirely separate entries.

i was there on a single missioN. i'm off to see the wizard (of skincare). i just have that nagging feeling that i need to go.

case in point, in the office, i've gotten unsolicited compliments ranging from 'you're glowing', or 'blooming ka', to the 'wow fresH'. also, i heard from my one of my peers 'may patay na patay na naman sayo sa class ko'. there's this guy in her class who is so seriously crushing on me, he even saved my mugshot from the company database and saved it as his celphone wallpaper.


the thing is, i feel i've neglected myself for so lonG. and staring at the mirror, i'm not happy with what i see. hearing those things when i feel pretty beat up makes my paranoid hormones kick in.


Dermclinic, MoA brancH. quite attractive lady at the counter.

'para po sa pimpleS?' (no, i'm here for a triple bypass surgery. what's with all these questions today!? and ouch on the pluralization of pimple.)

the receptionist asked me whether i already have a record or noT. i said i don't know if they still have it because it's been months since my last visit.

off she goes into the back, apparently looking for my data sheeT. it took her maybe 5 mins or so.

'sir last visit nyo po, 2007 pA.'

whoA.(this year, Lumux and I would have celebrated our 4th anniversary. i really let it go, didn't i?)

she gave me the range of services they haD. i noticed they have a lot of new ones. too many tech-y sounding names (stem cell photo therapy, anyone?). she was patient enough to explain everything to me though.

so off i go into the clinic's labyrinth of mini roomS. first up is the mandatory facial, which i hate getting. something about a complete stranger rubbing your face doesn't sit right with me.

i just fiddled my with my phones to pass the timE. (i love that MoA has free wifi all througout!)

so that was donE. now comes the hard part. meeting the dermatologist. i feel really insecure being examined by one. i mean it's their job to turn frogs into princes, right? Doctora F came in looking as fresh as a daisy (which made more insecure). to her credit, she has really good rapport building skills which made me feel at ease.

the procedure took almost 2 hourS. she went to places i didn't even know existed. i mean, i came in here thinking my face isn't in bad shape after all. how wrong i was.

after what seemed like eternity, i felt so draineD. but hey, like they say: pain is the price you pay...

but here we accept cold hard cash onlY. lol.

dermclinic doesn't seem to have the word 'cheap' in its vocabularY. but it has 10 entries for 'ostensibly pricy'. i've done my rounds before. you could get rock bottom prices at dermstrata, forever flawless, let's face it, etc...but you get what you pay for. dermatologists > "therapists".

so here i am at tapping away at homE. good thing i took yesterday off and today all i need to set my mind to is to relax and to heal.

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