Tuesday, August 24, 2010


year in year out, we've been sending goddesseS. however, these goddesses can't answer a damn question right. it's Miriam Quiambao all over again.

oh well.

still it's an amazing feat to be in the TOP 5. congratulations, Venus!


"major, major" is the new "bongga".


iurico said...

"major, major" is also the new "churva," "churvaloo," "eklavoo."


Advent said...

appear! hahah

chichirya said...

she did her part already. major major na! :)

lee said...

major, major = bonggang bongga! :)

alexander said...

i do love your quirky, stilted views in life. i hope you dont my tagging along.

Advent said...

hello there sir. well met. i dont mind. :)