Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Overheard 4

my colleague told me about Pilipinas For The Win. you know, that show they replaced that douchebag Willie in.

Kris Aquino: "so, taga san ka?"
Contestant: "taga Isabela po"
Kris Aquino: pause. (Kris conio voice) "Oh my god, I've been there!"
Contestant: "...."


wait there's more. so it was now Mariel Rodriguez' turn to host the same contest.

Mariel: "taga san ka 'teh?"
Contestant: "Quezon City po."
Mariel: "Oh my god, I've been there!"
Contestant: "(laughs)"

bwahahah. good subtle stab at Ms. First-Sister. 


Anonymous said...

Nag bbitch fit lang yang si mariel because she kinda hoped that binoy would fill in as a permanent host and name thr eternal barf fest of a show as "wow, binoy's willie!". Instead she's stuck with kris. Wacha think?

Eternal Wanderer... said...

i wanna see kris do that show - directly interacting with the masa.

that ought to be a train-wreck! lolz

Nimmy said...


iurico said...

I think it's called "Pilipinas Win na Win."

I watched it kanina. Kris is hilarious - and she doesn't even know it! And yes, may mga subtle stab moments si Marial kay Kris lalo na yung episode nila kanina na "pik,Pak,boom" I think.

Mariel: "This is for your shining, shimmering splendid shirt (addressing Kris)"

Advent said...

galing with the word play! that made me lol! btw, magpa kilala ka! haha.

she is so detached from the masa, it's funny.


hahaha. sorry, wrong title ako!

nakuha mo! she's oblivious to the fact na nakakatawa na sya.

at si mariel, parang may hidden dagger against ms. first sister. no?

Anonymous said...

hmm, such a pregnant question! i have many far-ranging names actually. i have been called mephisto in many languages and manners and during times of exquisite rapture my partner would call me out as the big guy upstairs. but you can call me manay sa tinapay. pleased to have met your acquaintance, you handsome devil. :)