Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mad Strings 8: Set

everyone deserves to be happy. even those of us who have fucked up a lot of times. so when the moment comes, own it. welcome this new phase in your life with aplomb. be scared, but at the same time be a beacon of joy. radiate your light to all the corners of your life. you'd be surprised that the dark and dreary world you have gotten used to, sure looks prettier in splashes of teal and orange. there's the occassional cyan and red. and don't forget the smudges of violets and blues. 

it's funny how life turns around at the most unexpected times. you've never found love in the office? bam! there you go! you've never dated someone so dastardly adorable? bam! there he is in front of you, holding your hand.

don't you just love periods in your life when all of a sudden the radio stations suddenly become the soundtrack? they play these songs that fiddle at your heartstrings and speak your truth. wonder not, because you are swooning, oh dear advent. that or there might be a DJ up there, smiling and knowing his cue.

people say you are at your most attractive state when your heart is a-flutter. it's weird because just a few months ago, you were saying that you heart is no longer capable of feeling. you can not be any more "a-flutter" than this.


Nimmy said...

ayeee. this post made me smile. being happy is a choice. pak na pak. :)

Advent said...

hehe. happy happy lahaT!

Arjee said...


GREG said...

"When your heart is a-flutter." What a curious, exact phrase.

Anonymous said...

Sir, this is quite out of context but i surmise youre a fan of how i met your mother? And you fancy yourself a Barney? If you do, then he's also my most favorite character and I consider him the most attractive one in the lot. True story! :)
- deadma walking

ʎonqʎʇıɔ said...

love is in the air! [off-topic question. i'm sorry.] whatever happened to your capitalizing random letters thing?

"don't you just love periods in your life when all of a sudden the radio stations suddenly become the soundtrack?"

This is how I know if I'm in love. God is a DJ. :)

thecuriouscat said...

uy naks naman, inlove

Advent said...

damn. i havent been updating lately. hehe. here goes:

@Arjee: :)

@Greg: curious and exact are my middle name and second middle name, respectively. lol.

@deadma walking: i fancy Barney, period. haha. but i dont really see myself in him. maybe a tinge. true story!

@citybouy: they are still there. just squint hard enough. ;)

oh and he's a damn good one. lol

@thecuriouscat: hehe.