Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can I Take Your Smile Home With Me?

over the weekend we had a blast drinking ourselves silly. my boyfriend doesn't do alchohol, though. he says he is way past his alchohol drinking age limit and he learned from a bad lesson from yesteryears. so he just sits there while we get our faces hammered.

there are some parts of me that get giving up alchohol, some that do not. i know full well the effects of downing an ungodly amount of liquid crazy. but come on, avoiding it all together? (haha, i'm sounding like an alchohol addict - but i'm not). i know my limits.

i believe in responsible drinking. i visualize a speedometer that instead of measuring speed, it measures how inebriated i am. i call it my booze'o'meter (it's funnier in tagalog). and instead of numbers, the pointer would fall on levels of crazy (c for short). 100c (the tipsy with right kind of buzz, happy happy, dancing like a fool, giving a non-malicious kiss to beautiful strangers- but not out of control level) is my limit. i slam the brakes when i get there. when i was younger, i did some real stupid things going past that. destroying public property being a part of the list. lol.

i noticed that my 100c now is different from my 100c when i was younger. i can take more of the liquid crazy in. sometimes i even surprise myself. i can hold my alchohol better now. i guess that's one thing i appreciate about getting older.


Disney’s ‘Maleficent’ Will Begin Filming In June
Angelina Jolie will Play Maleficent, Elle Fanning in Talks to play Aurora

Back in January of 2010 we first learned that Tim Burton and Disney were planning to make a live-action film titled Maleficent that would focus on the villain of the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. A couple of months later, we learned that Angelina Jolie‘s name was being tossed around as the possible actress to play Maleficent. Since then, news on the project has been kind of quiet … until now. Today we learn that yes, Angelina will play Maleficent in the film and that filming production is scheduled to begin in June … but Tim Burton is no longer associated with the film. We also learn that young actress Elle Fanning (younger sister of Dakota Fanning who starred in Super 8) is in negotiations to play the other lead role, that of Princess Aurora / Briar Rose.

that's Sleeping Beauty we're talking about here. is this the new Hollywood trend? now it's all about reimagining the fairy tales and more often, shifting the attention to either the villain or a bit character in the story. (wasn't this done in Hook?) vampires and werewolves are so 2010.

what's next? Jafar the Magnificent (his rise to grand vizier). or Genie and the 100 Arabians (a new look on what goes on in his bedroom full of scantily clad young boys). Gaston and Beauty (how he is a self-centered prick who finally meets someone prettier than him), or how about Ursula: The Wonder Years (a detailed exposition on the tradgedies in the life of an innocent squidwoman who got sexually abused by her step dad that led to the maniacal octopus we have now).

sigh. the possibilities are endless.


speaking of disney, don't you just love singing? i know i do.

for my Jenna's birthday bash (her "thirty-eenth") i had the idea of combining what she and group love: eclectic music and singing. i wanted it to go a little further than collating her favorites - i thought of us actually singing the songs!

so weeks prior to the bash, i gathered the gang in secret (without her, of course!) and had them pick a song they wanted, i scoured the interwebs for mp3s of the instrumentals, printed out the lyrics, booked a reservation at an actual recording studio (professional, baby!) and boom! the makings of a full fledged album.

since it's one of her favorite movies,the album is called: No Other Jenna. complete with my digital artwork as the cd cover.

of course, the pictures are covered. haha.

 the album turned out great! the sound engineer was a master of his craft. i loved the whole experience. i can only imagine what the professionals actually go through to do this. watch out world, for volume 2! lol.


pet peeve# 245: you know that time when you go to the office pantry and pay for your food? after you pay, the cashier would give you your change by handing over your money and it passes OVER the food? i really hate it.  i can imagine an invisible germ army fly down from the money over to your food. ick.

when i see the lady about to do it, i instinctively move my food tray out of the way. and she gives me a "you're weird" kind of look. i just respond with a "well, you're gross" kind of look.


happy hump day, everyone!


Eternal Wanderer... said...

so where are the random capitalizations?!


Advent said...

which random capitalizations? are they even random?

maybe it has something to do with the phases of bella luna.

who knows?


Anonymous said...

hey, how come youre not writing anymore?

Advent said...

hello, anonymous.

i just came out of hiatus. :)