Sunday, November 14, 2010

School or Wheels? Response

several posts back, i asked this questioN.

now i have an answer: i am now a certified blue eaglE.

three factors made me consider post grad studies over a cAr. the first is my former flame (you know, the one that sputtered out?). well he may be scum, but at least he inspired me to get the degree rather than the wheels. i'll just think that's his contribution to the story that is my life.

second consideration: time. and by that i mean my youth is soon out the door. in 2 years' time, i would not be in that bracket anymore. heck, not even the "young adults" one. i say, bring it on! haha.

third, well, to be honest, pride. pride in where i am at right now and where i want to be. the incessant pursuit of pride.there, that was hard to spit ouT. at the end of the day, much as we wouldn't want to, we tend to feed that little monster inside of us. if left unchecked, it will devour us. so here's what i'd like to do: i'd convert that sin into something that will drive me.

i want to be a better me. how's that for a cliche? Ok, try this: i will rise above what my genes, my heritage, and my status quo, dictates me to be (wait, that is not a cliche?). i would think that the box is a diaphanous veil that even though it's there, i can look way past it.


while my schedule is a killer (school then work then everything elsE), i am actually looking forward to more of this. yup, i have this really bad case of masochism.


and so the school year started. 2 years of my life already on track.


i told my thunderbecky friend (who is into straight guys): "mother, i now know how it feels to have a scholarship foundation!". close to tears of joy, he said "finally anak, welcome to the club! sinech ang bagets mo?" to which i simply said: "me".


happy Sunday!


iurico said...

Ugh! I know what you mean.

I've been thinking of furthering my studies din. But I know I have to give up my career if I do.

I admire that kaya (kakayanin) mong pagsabayin.

Good luck!

Nimmy said...

God bless and good luck kuya! :)

Eternal Wanderer... said...

happy eagle-hunting then ;)

Peter said...

Well, marami pa ring ka-meet up sa Powerplant!

joelmcvie said...

Good luck, fellow PINK Eagle! (Ang guwapo mo sa bago mong pic, ha. Hehehe.)

SANUNAI said...

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